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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 1, 2012 

            "Say to yourself:  "There is nothing within me that denies my good.  There is nothing within me that denies my prosperity.  There is nothing within me that denies me the right job.  There is nothing within me that denies me love and companionship.  There is nothing within me but the wonderful realization of my oneness with Infinite Intelligence, the source of all supply of every kind and description."  What is inside of us is what counts, not what appears on the outside to be causing us unhappiness or problems.  Because our nature seems to get us off track now and then, we must constantly be aware that the universe is on our side.  There is nothing in the whole universe against us.  We are one with it. ... Say:  "I affirm my oneness with life today.  Turning my attention away from problems, I keep in alignment with my Source, from which my every need is met. -  Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself

        "But let them ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind."
- James 1:6, Holy Bible

       We can read in the evolutionary science of mind, the Gospels of the Holy Bible, the Torah, and other spiritual philosophies, that we must "turn from the problem, to the solution" and we must make a definite decision to do so.  This can also be stated as, "turn from what we don't want, to that which we want" ... and keep our mind focused on having it.  But, as Dr. Frank Richelieu points out, our nature seems to get us off track now and then ... and so we must become even more definite in our decision to move forward towards our ideals and don't look back.  

      And what is this "nature" that gets us off track but our five senses; our ability to see, to hear, to touch, to taste and to smell.  Those who rely completely on these five senses will find themselves attached to the physical, to that which we can see, can hear, can touch, can taste and can smell.  This attachment to the physical can and will separate us from the Creative Spirit, from G-d, and so we lose our power, we lose our faith, we lose our ability to enlarge our consciousness ... and we doubt our ability to choose what is good for us and what is not.  Our power is of G-d, our intelligence is of G-d, and the spirit within us that makes us aware of this truth, is of G-d.  But ... we can't see the Spirit, we can't touch the Spirit, we can't taste or smell the Spirit ... and so we lose sight of G-d.  Yet, no one doubts the presence of gravity or the presence of the air in which we breathe ... yet we can see neither ... or draw a picture of either one.

       If we are choosing to experience a wonderful, loving relationship, we must not look back at the days of loneliness or previous relationships that were not all that we desired them to be.  And this means not to linger in our mind on those relationships that we wish we had had either.  We didn't have them for a reason ... and it was a good reason.  We must remain steadfast in our decision to have the wonderful, loving relationship that we choose to have now.  Our inner attentiveness to that which we want and a definite choosing of the ideals that we seek in a relationship, will bring forth the right relationship soon enough.  Creating within our mind that which we want, is somewhat like "conscious dreaming" ... but, in reality, it is aligning ourselves with Creative Mind, with Spirit, with G-d, with Intelligence.

     Some of us may be looking for another job, or career.  One that compensates us more generously than the one we have.  Or, one in which we feel a greater appreciation for our efforts.  This new job or career is not going to open up to our awareness if we are still thinking about how unappreciated we are in our current job, or thinking of how unfair our compensation is.  Our mind must be filled with the images and feelings of success and satisfaction in the job or career we desire.  Don't look back to the job that you have left in your consciousness ... even if you are still currently employed in it.  Do everything in your present job ... as if, you were doing it in the job in which you are well compensated and appreciated, and the new opportunity will show up in the right and perfect time.  Feelings of accomplishment, felt within our own heart and mind, have tremendous attracting power.

     More and more people are becoming aware of the power within them to create the life experience they desire.  Country Music star, Brad Paisley, in the August 2009 edition of "Reader's Digest Magazine" had this advice for his sons:  "Visualize what you want out of life with all your might.  Close your eyes and build it in your mind.  If you want to be an architect, visualize the things you want to build.  If you want to be a songwriter, visualize the effect your music will have on the audience.  That's what I do.  If you don't dream about what you want, it will never come true."

     Brad Paisley's words will definitely have a powerful effect on his sons, just as he has demonstrated in his own life.  When we seek the new in our inner world of thought and faith, we automatically take our mind off the past.  And even if our present circumstances are challenging, using our mind to visualize, image, or affirm that which we want, will provide the way for us to move through the challenges to a life more desirable.  Can we say to our self ... and believe it, that "Spirit is Mighty and Marvelous in ME"?  Is this any different than the radical Jesus saying, "I am the light of the world"? ... and didn't he say, "YOU are the light of the world"?  We can establish these words in our consciousness if we remind our self of them daily ... and then we let this truth begin to shine on all that concerns us ... both that which we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell ... and that which is un-seen ... that is, the good we have claimed in faith, in mind.

     The great teacher, Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, wrote in his book, "All Power To You," that we "Do not fight an unpleasant environment.  That which surrounds us is the manifestation of thought. If it does not fulfill our desire we change our attitude and create a larger expression.  We Increase Our Mold Of Acceptance. God-in-man is harmoniously expressed, and provides adequate opportunity to express our recognition of what we are."

     Each and every one of us that is dealing with a financial issue, a health issue, a career issue, or a relationship issue ... cannot afford to look back ... not even to yesterday ... for we will only increase the negatives by giving them our attention.  We must reject doubt and affirm faith.  We must look forward with the realization of a larger expression of Life and enlarge our consciousness of the "All-ness of G-d in our life" to accept and receive that which we believe is ours to experience.  We must take into our mind ideas that let us "live large" so we can live to the best we can imagine for ourselves.  Let us always remind ourselves that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance.

Let's dwell on these words daily until the Spirit speaks to us by bringing to our awareness what it is that we are to "give rise" to:
         "Jesus said:  When you give rise to that which is within you, what you have will save you.  If you do not give rise to it, what you do not have will destroy you."
-  The Gospel of Thomas


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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