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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (January 2, 2005)         

       From Dr. Ernest Holmes -  Let us then approach the Science of Mind - with awe, but not with fear; with truly a humble thought, but not with a sense that we are unworthy.  Let us approach it normally, happily, willing to accept, glad to experiment, hoping and believing that as a result of our efforts we shall each derive a great good - a sound understanding of the natural laws of Life, as they apply to the individual and his relationship to the whole universal scheme of things.


Mind - the Thing, Spirit, Causation - is beyond, and yet not beyond, our grasp.  Beyond, in that It is so big; within, in that wherever we grasp It, we are It to the extent that we grasp It; but, since It is Infinite, we can never encompass It.  We shall never encompass God, and yet we shall always be in God and of God!

       Mind comes under two classifications.  There are not two minds, but rather two names employed in describing states of consciousness:  the objective, or conscious and the subjective, or unconscious.  We think of the conscious state as our conscious use of mind.  The subconscious (or subjective) state of mind - sometimes called the unconscious state - is that part of mind which is set in motion as a creative thing by the conscious state.

     In the Subjective Mind of man/woman, we find a law obeying his/her word, the servant of his/her spirit.  Suggestion has proved that the subconscious mind acts upon our thoughts.  It is the mental law of our being, and the creative factor within us.  It is unnecessary, at this point, to go into all the details of the Subjective Mind and its mode of action; it is enough to say that within us is a mental law, working out the will and purposes of our conscious thoughts.  This can be no other than our individual use of that Greater SUBJECTIVE MIND, which is the seat of all mental law and action, and is "The Servant of the Eternal Spirit throughout the ages." - the Science of Mind

We can know without doubting that the Universe never plays favorites.  There is no god that is "keeping score" ... or waiting to punish us for our short-comings.  All this is childish nonsense based on superstition.  There are those who continue to preach from this false idea of God (human dinosaurs) ... however, the Master Mind Jesus taught the Law of Mind (sowing and reaping), as have all the Great Mystics as Dr. Holmes points our in the Science of Mind.  So our devils and our saints are all in our Mind ... there are none in reality ... devils and saints are created from opinions and judgments.  We are all created Good and Very Good ... and our human foibles are just the "stuff" that we have allowed to diminish ourselves in our mind.  But the same mind that diminishes us ... can and will "save us" ... It always has and It always will ... for It is the "Thing Itself" ... that "Invisible Essence" ... that "Silent Partner" ... that is always Present ... and as we consciously "acknowledge" It ... It begins Its perfect work in our lives.

          We are all created in the same image and likeness of God ... this is our Ultimate Truth ... the Truth about us.  And God has given us  authority and dominion over all things in our lives.  But ... it is up to us to use this Power that is at our disposal.  We can deny It and claim our problems and struggles ... or we can affirm that we have this Power working in our favor at all times.  All thought is creative and as we look at Life as "ideas" ... rather than conditions and circumstances ... we can cultivate and foster a "new idea" about everything that concerns us.  Do my finances reflect the "Good idea" that I am holding in my mind ... if not then I must permeate my consciousness with the "idea of prosperity" to a greater degree.  The same applies to my health and my relationships.  As I affirm that which I desire to experience, I am "learning to trust" God ... and myself, to create the experiences that I desire in a greater way.  

        Each of us has this Divine Nature to create ... to change our conditions and circumstances ... but we must first let go of the idea that we do not.  We must let go of ideas that make us feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  We must "never limit" the Power that is available to us ... to create, to change and to experience a greater and greater degree of our Divine Nature ... this "Invisible Essence" ... "The Thing Itself" ... that is closer to us than breathing.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
through anyone." 
St. Francis of Assisi