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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 3, 2010 

                   "Spiritual understanding will give you a new realization.  It will bring you into a new awareness.  You can go home and you can look at the same people, you can have the same business, do the same work, and yet with this new realization and understanding, all will appear transformed.  You will not only see everyone differently, but you will feel differently toward them.  Always, as you get new concepts about life and new ideas about yourself, everything else changes for the better. ... Right where you are, mind is.  Right where you are, life is.  Right where you are, love is, and so are peace, plenty, wholeness and beauty.  So is the rhythm of Life itself.  If you would feel the dance of life within you, you have but to attune yourself to this rhythm. Dr. Frank Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself

      It is very exciting to be entering a new year and a new decade.  As I look back at the past ten years, I marvel at the strength of the human spirit and the infinite creativity that has been revealed in so many ways.  I am also very encouraged by the numbers of people who are seeking a greater awareness of their relationship with the Infinite through web sites like this and others.  As Dr. Richelieu states, "as you get new concepts about life and new ideas about yourself, everything else changes for the better," and this is absolutely true for each and every one of us.  Nothing increases the good in our life more rapidly than to learn the Truth of our Being ... and this Truth is that we are not "becoming" .. we are "being" ... whatever idea we have of our self based on the concepts that we have accepted about our place in the universe ... we are "being it" now.

     So many of us go through our lives without ever realizing that whatever it is that we want to be, all we need to do is begin to "be it" in our mind ... using our imagination we can begin to create the most fantastic life we can imagine right where we are, right now.  Now, I know that some people will think I am talking about day-dreaming or fantasizing or wishful thinking, but I'm not.  Using our imagination can bring to our awareness an expansion of ideas that we have never thought of before.  Whenever we think of what we want to "be" ... most of us don't take the idea far enough in our mind to truly expand it beyond what we know.  When we "think BIG" ... our mind becomes more attune to the rhythm of Life Itself which is infinite.  

     One of the greatest teachers of the science of mind, Dr. Robert Bitzer, wrote:  "Infinite Mind knows no limitation and manifests according to the law of consciousness.  You are limited by your belief, but you are not limited by Principle.  Your potentials are inexhaustible, but your consciousness is the determining factor.  You have a little or a lot.  The Infinite does not care and does not restrict.  Bigness brings consciousness forth; smallness contracts.  You are big."

     As we begin this new year, rather than focus on "New Year's Resolutions," let's expand our thinking to include the entire new Decade that we are entering into.  This year let's set the stage for this entire decade to be filled with joy and happiness, success and prosperity.  Let's review the past ten years and think about all the things that we loved doing, the things that brought us unexpected joy.  The things that we loved; family, friends, creative expression, hobbies, and our work, support us in expanding our ideas of what we want to experience in this new Decade.  And whatever we decide to accomplish in this new Decade, we can rest assured that All-Power is with us to "be" whatever it is that we need to "be" in order to accomplish it.  Dr. Bitzer tells us that we are not limited by Principle:  "It is done unto you as you believe" is the Principle that the Master Mind Jesus taught ... and it is the Principle that Dr. Bitzer is referring to as it is inclusive of all valid spiritual principles.

     We have all heard or read:  "change your thinking and change your life."  And Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches "change your thoughts and change your life."  Let's look at these ideas and realize that both thinking and thoughts originate from our beliefs.  It is what we "believe" that creates the thoughts, the thinking ... and the conditions that we experience in life.  If we believe that the world is against us ... we know what thoughts will follow and we know the direction of our thinking will be negative.  But, if we believe that the universe supports us in our good ... our thoughts and what we think about will be far more positive.  Any belief that takes us outside of our own consciousness negates our good; competition, comparisons, judgment and blame, top the list of self-defeating beliefs.  Beliefs that are attuned to the Infinite Good; love, joy, peace, kindness, generosity ... expand our good always.

     As we examine our beliefs and pay attention to how they play out in our experiences, we can foster those that support our decision to "be" what it is that we have chosen to "be" ... and convince ourselves to release those beliefs that distract us from "being" that which we desire to "be" ... we can do it.  "There is a Power Greater than us in the universe and we can "use it" wrote Dr. Holmes in 1926.  We can "use it" to both receive and release.  Every time we make a decision or choose to believe in this Power and believe that we can "use it" ... we are effectively using the Principle, "it is done unto you as you believe."   Let's begin this new 2010 realizing that whatever it is that we want to "be" ... we are already "being It" ... and fall in love with the idea of it.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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