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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 4, 2009 

              "To suppose that the Creative Intelligence of the Universe would create us in bondage and leave us bound, would be to dishonor the Creative Power we call G-d.  To suppose that G-d could make man/woman as an individual, without leaving her/him to discover her/him-self, would be to suppose an impossibility.  Individuality must be spontaneous; it can never be automatic.  The seed of freedom must be planted in the innermost being of man/woman, but, like the Prodigal Son, we must make the great discovery for our self."  - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science Of Mind (modified)

 This week we begin an "annual review" of the first four Introductory Chapters to The Science of Mind.  These four chapters give us the "basics" of the science of mind philosophy.  Our goal in this study is to develop a greater trust and understanding of our relationship to the Infinite.  As Dr. Holmes states, "learning to trust will make you happy."  All of the sentences below within quotation marks are from The Science of Mind.

     "The study of the Science of Mind is a study of First Cause, Spirit, Mind, or that invisible Essence, that ultimate Stuff and Intelligence from which everything comes, the Power back of creation - the Thing Itself."  Most of us already accept that G-d exists, we just need to become more aware of our relationship with It.  And as we become more aware of our relationship with It, we shall learn that G-d is not just Power, there is no power other than G-d.  If we begin to dismiss all ideas in our mind that "appear" to oppose this Power of Good ... we will begin to experience more of It immediately in our lives.

        We have been told that G-d Is Love, but most of us have not always been aware that G-d is also Law.  "As the love of G-d is perfect, so the law of G-d also is perfect.  We must understand both."  ... "Principles (laws) are forever hidden from our eyes.  We accept the deductions of science in so far as they are proved, and we recognize that they are built upon immutable, but invisible principles."  ... "Universal principles are never respecters of persons; the Universe has no favorites.  Therefore, it is written, "And let him that is athirst come.  And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."  We all understand the Law of Gravity.  It is a universal principle that is not visible to us, but nonetheless we are acted upon, and activate the Law of Gravity every day.  And the Law of Gravity never plays favorites.  It works the same for everybody and every thing, 24/7.  Spiritual principles share the same attributes as scientific principles like the Law of Gravity.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus stated, "it rains on the good and the bad alike."  The Universe NEVER plays favorites.

     "Since some people have been healed through prayer, while others have not, the answer is NOT that G-d has responded to some and not to others, but that some have responded to G-d more than others.  Their prayer (their thought) has responded by corresponding.  The answer to prayer is in the prayer.  But what is prayer?  A prayer is a movement of thought, within the mind of the one praying, along a definite line of meditation; that is, for a specific purpose."  Jesus taught "affirmative" prayer and prayer that affirms that what we desire is ours, brings us a definite result.

     There is only One Mind, that Mind is G-d.  It is First Cause, Spirit or Mind.  In the past few centuries, Mind has been put into "classifications" ... conscious, subconscious, subjective, unconscious ... all describing states of consciousness.  No matter what "classification" we may be attuned to, we are always making "use" of the One Mind.  "Within us, then, there is a creative field, which we call the subjective mind; around us there is a creative field which we call Subjective.  One is universal and the other is individual, but in reality they are one.  THERE IS ONE MENTAL LAW IN THE UNIVERSE, AND WHERE WE USE IT, IT BECOMES OUR LAW BECAUSE WE HAVE INDIVIDUALIZED IT.  It is impossible to plumb the depths of the individual mind, because the individual mind is really not individual  but is individualized.  Behind the individual is the Universal, which has no limits."  We are always using Infinite Mind, but we individualize it.  In other words, both Bill Gates and Madonna are using the same Mind, but each are using It in their own individualized creative expression.  "Everyone is Universal on the subjective side of life, and individual only at the point of conscious perception.  The riddle is solved, and we all use the creative power of the Universal Mind every time we use our own mind."

     "G-d is always G-d.  No matter what our emotional storm, or what our objective situation, may be, there is always a Something hidden in the inner being that has never been violated.  We may stumble, but always there is that Eternal Voice, forever whispering within our ear, that thing which causes the eternal quest, that thing which forever sings and sings." ... "We will say then, that in spirit, man/woman is One with God. ... If we try to find something difficult to grasp, then we shall never grasp it, because we shall always think of It as being incomprehensible.  The mind which we discover within us is the Mind that governs everything.  This is The Thing Itself, and we should recognize Its simplicity."

What a great adventure it is to study the Science of Mind.  This study offers healing, spiritual understanding, affirmative prayer and an intelligent awareness of the Truth of Being.  Most importantly, it offers us the opportunity to live in tune with the Infinite Good and to always be assured of our eternal, personal relationship with Infinite Spirit.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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