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Sunday, January 7, 2001


        Religious Science churches and centers all over the world begin each New Year by presenting the first four chapters from the Science of Mind, the Philosophy we teach.  These
chapters are the heart and soul of Religious Science.

Chapter 1 - The Thing Itself 

                    To suppose that the Creative Intelligence of the Universe would create man in bondage and leave him bound, would be to dishonor the Creative Power which we call God.  To suppose that God could make man as an individual, without leaving him to discover himself, would be to suppose an impossibility.  Individuality must be spontaneous; it can never be automatic.  The seed of freedom must be planted in the innermost being of man, but, like the Prodigal Son, man must make the great discovery for himself.

                  The Divine Plan is one of Freedom; bondage is not God-ordained.  Freedom is the birthright of every living soul.  All instinctively feel this.  The Truth points to Freedom, under Law.  Thus the inherent nature of man is forever seeking to express itself in terms of freedom.  We do well to listen to this Inner Voice, for it tells us of a life wonderful in its scope; of a love beyond our fondest dreams; of a freedom which the soul craves.  

                 But the great Love of the Universe must be One with the great Law of Its Own Being, and we approach Love through the Law.  This, then, is the teaching:  Love and Law.  As the Love of God Is perfect, so the Law of God also is perfect.  We must understand both. [Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes]

                     The study of the Science of Mind is a study of Infinite Intelligence, God, Spirit, the One Mind.  It is a study of that Invisible Substance from which all things come, "The Thing Itself."  Jesus, the great Master Mind, referred to It as "The Father."  It Is the provider, supplier of All things.  It Is the Infinite Divine Creator of All that Is.  It Is Individualized within each of us as Jesus stated, "The Father Within."  It Is Love and learning to trust It will make us happy.  Learning to Trust and have confidence in It will create a Life that is filled with Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Happiness and Prosperity.  Jesus used the familiar terminology "Father" as "Provider."  We must consistently commit ourselves to trust what we are "provided with."  We must let go of our human judgments, doubts and concerns and accept what the Father provides for us.  As we do we allow It to manifest Itself fully and completely in our relationships, finances, health and environment.  We do this by understanding that we are the physical instrument through which God operates.  We must "let" God love through us, feel joy through us, feel safe and protected through us, to feel loved through us.  We must trust that which created us.  We must trust It more than all else.  We must not allow anything to come between us and God.

                      "God" is no respecter of persons, as the Bible states.  Like the Law of Gravity, God, through Law,  works automatically.  Whatever we put into Law, the Principle of Life, It gives back to us multiplied abundantly - "Law" is referred to in the Bible as "Lord" -  you can substitute the word "Lord" in the Bible with "Law" for greater clarity.  As Dr. Holmes states in the Science of Mind, we approach the Law through Love.  As we fill our thoughts and intentions with Love, the Law automatically manifests Itself accordingly in our lives.  It can do nothing less.  As we give God our full and complete Love with Trust, our lives automatically begin to become more wonderful.  We create this greater measure of Trust within ourselves through meditation and silent contemplation of God as provider.  Jesus gave us the Principle, "Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself."  We must Love God first - which means we must trust God as there is no authentic Love without Trust.  We must "Trust" that God, that Invisible Intelligence, at the center of our Being, knows exactly what we need in order to live a full, vital and enthusiastic Life.  We must know that this Invisible Intelligence can only give us what we are willing to receive.  What we are "willing" to receive is the measure of that which we are "willing" to give.  If our mind is "stuck" on our human thoughts of want, lack and need, than we restrict or limit the flow of Good in our lives.  Spirit does not flow through the blues.  We must lift ourselves up with joy and happiness for all that God has already given us and Trust that on the Invisible side of Life, there is greater Good awaiting our acceptance.  We must "Trust" that our experiences are the fertile soil in which we grow.  We must not resist these experiences but "Trust" that no matter what appears before our human eyes, in our experiences, God Is All There Is, and this highest statement of Truth will demonstrate Itself.

                       From the Science of Mind:  If we try to find something difficult to grasp, then we shall never grasp it, because we shall always think of It as being incomprehensible.  The mind which we discover within us is the Mind that governs everything.  This is The Thing Itself, and we should recognize its simplicity.

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
RScP., City of Angels Church