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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 10, 2016

             Take these quotes from the ancient wisdom into your mind when you have some time to be still and not distracted, and contemplate what they mean for your personally:  From the Gospel of John 3:16, corrected:  "For God so loved the world, that whoever believes shall not fear but shall know that life is eternal." From Paramahansa Yogananda, modified:  "The True Lover is God; we are all God's beloveds, mistakenly seeking love in impermanent human beings. The thirst for affection can never be quenched by the imperfect love of mortals. When the devotee, by the practice of loving mortals truly, learns to love all beings, and by meditation learns to love God supremely, then and then only is his longing for love satisfied. And from Jewish wisdom:  "For the Lord is gracious merciful, slow to anger, and great in love."

            It is a wonderful and powerful thought to believe that we are loved by G-d and it is an absolute truth.  To think of this life as a gift from the Intelligence, Power and Spirit that creates all and is incarnated in all living things is the elevate our thought to the highest level.  To know that this love of the Infinite for all that is created is unconditional, universal and immutable is to realize that it is beyond anything the human mind can fully conceive.  So many people fail to realize this highest truth in their mind because they cannot get past the idea of a god created in man's image; a god that is biased, judging and punishing based on man-made ideas about G-d and our relationship to this Infinite Presence.  

            As wonderful as it is to believe that G-d loves us unconditionally this in and of itself will do little for us unless we also love ourselves.  Everything we know of this Intelligence that we call G-d tells us that our relationship is one of "correspondence" ... in other words, the love of G-d corresponds to our love of self and in this corresponding action we find the Power of G-d working through us for our greatest good at all times.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus said that the "kingdom of G-d is within you" ... it is within us to love and be loved ... it is within us to love G-d with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind ... and to love our self to the same degree.  G-d is the life within us, the power within us and the intelligence within us ... that is, within our mind which fully encompasses our entire being-ness.

Now, let's go back and re-read the first paragraph of this message and return to love for G-d and mankind in our mind.  It is not news to those of you who follow this ministry that Jesus is called a "Master Mind" because he accepted the realization that G-d is Intelligence and intelligence calls us to love not only G-d but to love our neighbor as our self ... and our neighbor closest to our mind is our very own physical presence and all that is included in our material possession.  To contemplate in our mind the Power of Love is to bring us into a greater realization of not only the Intelligence that permeates the universe in which we live but also brings us into a greater realization in our mind of the Power that supports us and sustains us in all things that concern us; health, happiness, success, creative expression and companionship.  

          To "discover" this Presence, Power and Intelligence of G-d within us to a greater degree we must never let discouragement find a place in our mind.  We must daily remind ourselves that life is a journey not a destination and be willing to not only take the time to gain the inner understanding that is necessary for us to realize "self-reliance" but to learn to enjoy the doing of it.

          Contemplate these words from the American mystic Ernest Holmes:  "In joy go within to meet this Life.  Expect It to respond.  Know that It is going to.  Have no anxiety.  Relax and trust - believe.  Don't deny It.  Begin with whatever affirmative and constructive thinking you have and build on that.  Refuse to dwell in the darkness of unbelief.  Refuse to be overcome by negative suggestions.  Boldly step through the place of doubt and plant your feet on the solid rock of faith. ... Life is enthusiastic joy.  Don't let your thoughts stagnate.  Loose everything that is in you and expect a larger flow.  Keep every channel open, alive, awake and aware.  Live, think and act as though the entire nature of this Life were delivered to you individually.  Remember that the more you give the more greatly you will receive."

           You may be surprised how quickly things begin to change as you put into practice this faith in G-d and in your self ... this Love of G-d for you and in you, as you.  You are too loved to fail so expect success.  You are too loved to fail so expect to manifest permanent prosperity.  You are too loved to fail so expect health and happiness.  You are too loved to fail so expect the best that you can imagine for your self.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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