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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 15, 2017
           All too often I have people tell me that they have been praying and affirming but nothing seems to be materializing for them.  And I do empathize with this frustration but at the same time I know that it is this frustration and judging by the appearance of things that obstructs so many people from experiencing that which they desire to have, to do and to be.  And I believe some of this is the fault of those who teach spiritual principles and the principles found in the ancient wisdom of the Holy Bible and The Torah giving me the false idea that change happens quickly.  Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote of miraculous healings in most of his books as did many other authors of spiritual healing books, but little was ever written about the time it took for the changes or healings to be wholly effected.  However, in one of his books Dr. Murphy did write that it took almost two years for a man to be healed of a physical disease.  And depending on how entrenched in our consciousness (soul) the belief in dis-ease may be it may take even longer for some to realize the elimination of the false belief from their consciousness.  The reason why, I believe, is that we are too attached to judging by appearances and letting our "feelings" betray our faith.  The Master Mind Jesus taught: "do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment" that is, judge with intelligence and truth.

              Charles Haanel wrote in his essay, "Mental Chemistry": "Our mind forces are often bound by the paralyzing suggestions that come to us from the crude thinking of the world, and which are accepted and acted upon without question.  Impressions of fear, of worry, of disability and of inferiority are given us daily.  These are sufficient reasons in themselves why mankind achieves so little - why the lives of the multitudes are so barren of results, while all the time there are possibilities within them which need only the liberating touch of appreciation and wholesome ambition to expand into real greatness."  

        It is not unusual for those who are desiring to make changes in their lives to go through periods of time when our faith is tested.  This is really our time to reach the conviction in mind that we shall receive that which we pray and affirm is ours ... even if the only evidence we have is faith.  Intelligence working through us, which is G-d, does not bring to us desires that are impossible to achieve as long as we have let these desires be formed intelligently.  

        Charles Haanel gives us reinforcement in these words:  Everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconscious-ness and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will weave into our life and environment.  This is the secret of the power of prayer."

         Nothing changes in the unprepared mind.  The person who prays on Sundays or meditates each day and then goes right along doing and thinking and speaking the same pattern of consciousness as before is not preparing their mind for the greater thing still.  Our "self-talk" and thoughts must keep our vision alive in our mind and heart and soul.  In other words, we must prepare our mind by rejecting immediately the old false-ideas that we are confronted with.  Not necessarily with words but with thoughts and images in our mind.  And there is no specific time in which this mental action will cease to be necessary.  

  To break the obstruction within us to a greater good we can remind ourselves that something's happening now.  This is probably one of the most powerful mental actions we can use to loose those beliefs that bind us to that which we no longer desire to experience.  And as we are persistent and consistent in declaring this as the truth for us our soul will begin to expand to receive and this receptivity will displace those old patterns that have created uncomfortable issues for us in the past.  Something's happening now!  Yes, it is!

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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