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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (January 16, 2005)         

      From Dr. Ernest Holmes -  We should approach the study of this Science rationally, never expecting to derive any benefits from it that its Principle does not contain.  For while it is true that we are immersed in an Infinite Intelligence, a Mind that knows all things, it is also true that this Intelligence can acquaint us with Its ideas only as we are able and willing to receive them.  The Divine Mind is Infinite.  It contains all knowledge and wisdom, but, before It can reveal Its secrets, It must have an outlet.  This outlet we shall be compelled to supply through our own receptive mentalities.

          All invention, art, literature, government, law and wisdom that has come to the race has been given to it through those who have deeply penetrated the secrets of nature and the mind of God.

          Perhaps the simplest way to state the proposition is to say that we are surrounded by a Mind, or Intelligence, that knows everything; that the potential knowledge of all things exists in this Mind; that the abstract essence of beauty, truth and wisdom co-exist in the Mind of the Universe; that we also exist in It and may draw from It.  BUT WHAT WE DRAW FROM IT WE MUST DRAW THROUGH THE CHANNEL OF OUR OWN MINDS.  A unity must be established, and a conscious connection must be made, before we can derive the benefits which the Greater Mind is willing to reveal or impart to us.


It is a beautiful and true thought to realize that every man/woman stands in the shadow of a mighty Mind, a pure Intelligence, and a Divine givingness!  Not alone unto the great comes the soft tread of the Unseen Guest.  The arrogant have not perceived the simplicity of faith, but the pure in heart see God.  The farmer has seen the Heavenly Host in his/her fields.  The child has frolicked with Him at play.  The mother has clasped Him to her breast and the fond lover has seen Him in the eyes of his/her beloved.  We look too far away for Reality.

       Let us do away with a ponderosity of thought and approach the thing simply and quietly.  It is the nature of the Universe to give us what we are able to take.  It cannot give us more.  It has given all, we have not yet accepted the greater gift.

        Spiritual wisdom says that God manifests through everything and is incarnated in all men/women; that all is Divinity and that Nature herself is the body of God.  The mechanical laws of nature are set and immutable, but the spontaneous recognition of these laws gives us the power to bring them into practical use in everyday life and experience.  Once understood, any law is available and is impersonally responsive to each and all alike.


        The Universal Mind contains all knowledge.  It is the potential ultimate of all things.  To It, all things are possible.  To us, as much is possible as we can conceive, according to law.  Should all the wisdom in the universe be poured over us, we should yet receive only that which we are ready to understand.  This is why some draw one type of knowledge and some another, and all from the same source - the Source of all knowledge.  The scientist discovers the principles of his/her science, the artist embodies the spirit of his/her art, the saint draws Christ into her/his being - each state of consciousness taps the same source, but has a different receptivity.  Each receives what she/he asks for, according to her/his ability to embody.  The Universal is Infinite; the possibility of differentiating is limitless.

       Life becomes to us the particular thing we need when we believe that It becomes to us that particular thing.  The understanding of this is the essence of simplicity.  As all numbers proceed from the fundamental unit, as all material forms are but different manifestations of one formless stuff, so all things proceed from that which is neither person, place nor thing, but is of the essence of all things.

       Our thought and conscious receptivity differentiate this Universal Possibility, by drawing It through our minds and causing It to flow into particular channels, through the conscious receptivity of our different faiths.  One state of consciousness will differentiate one kind of a result, another mental state a different result. - The Science of Mind

As we restate our Principle:  We are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility.  It is Goodness, Life, Law and Reason.  In expressing Itself through us, It becomes more fully conscious of Its own being.  Therefore, it desires to express through us.  As It passes into our being, It automatically becomes the law of our lives ... as we realize our every Good desire is God's desire for us.

           We know that God Is Love and Love Is God ... and this understanding makes all the difference in how we live and pray.  Religious Science offers a technique, an art, to prayer that no other religious or spiritual teaching offers.  As we learn to understand our place in the Universe and our relationship with God, as taught by the Master Mind Jesus and all the great mystics, we can pray "knowing that it is."  In the next two weeks we will focus on the method of prayer that Dr. Holmes discovered in the Teachings of Jesus ... prayer that gets results ... that brings the Power of "First Cause" ... God ... right into the circumstances and conditions that concern us.  And in the first step of this "method" ... we "recognize" God as the "Doer" ... as did Jesus ... "I of mine own self can do nothing" ... and in this declaration of Truth, He realized that Love responded to Him spontaneously ... for the Father (consciousness) and I are One.  God is spontaneous for Love Is Spontaneous.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi