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evolutionary science of mind & the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus

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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 16, 2011 

         "The intelligence by and through which we perceive that there is a Spiritual Presence and an Infinite Mind in the Universe, constitutes our receptivity to It, and decides Its flow through us.  We have made a riddle out of simplicity; therefore, we have not read the sermons written in stones, nor interpreted the light of love running through life. ... To return to a sane simplicity is one of the first and most important things to do.  All people receive some light, and this light is always the same light.  There is one nature diffused throughout all nature; One God incarnated in all peoples. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, page 41-42 
Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field:  Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof. - Jesus, The Holy Bible, Matthew 13:31-32

     This week I continue my annual review of the first four introductory chapters of "The Science of Mind" with an emphasis on the similarities of these concepts with the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus.  This is the 3rd of 4 ... if you missed one they are posted in the "Archives".  In these four introductory chapters we shall find a foundation of truth that will give us a greater realization of our relationship to the Power, the Presence and the Intelligence of G-d. 

What does it mean to us to "live by faith"?  Most of us are aware that a "positive faith" is aligned with G-d, the Good.  And we learn in this 3rd introductory chapter of the science of mind that "Love rules through Law" and so we know that in order for us to gain the good that we seek to experience, we must understand both aspects of the Nature of the Universe; Love and Law.  We must reach out in our mind to a greater idea of G-d than what the world has given us.  G-d is not religion and religion doesn't always give us a relationship with G-d that is based on truth ... the Radical Jesus revealed that religion gives power to man and separates us from the very truth that can set us free.  Freedom comes through the realization that both Love and Law are of G-d.

     We can read in The Science of Mind (pg. 43);
"Love is the Divine Giving-ness; Law is the Way.  Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal. ... As we gain the broader viewpoint, we shall see that Life must contain two fundamental characteristics.  We shall see that there is an Infinite Spirit, operating through an Infinite and Immutable Law.  In this, Cosmos, and not chaos, finds an eternal existence in Reality.  Love points the way and Law makes the way possible."

Since the Law is "impersonal" ... we can depend on it, otherwise we could not ... we can also depend on Love and learn to "trust" Its spontaneity.  As we affirm with conviction that we know what we need to know, or that we have what we need to have, this conviction of mind, aligned with our faith, draws unto us the very thing we affirm as true for us.  "Life always become
s to us the particular thing we need when we believe that It becomes to us that particular thing," Dr. Holmes states in The Science of Mind.  This statement is no different than the Master Mind Jesus declaring that "it is the Father's good pleasure to give to you."  Both statements require us to have "faith" that this is so and it is this faith in both Love and Law being of G-d ... that makes it so.

All discord comes from our lack of understanding the implications of Love and Law; both demanding that we "think universally" rather than "personally."  What we have faith in must be grounded in reason and intelligence ... not fear or emotion.  This is why we can read in the scriptures that "with all thy getting, get understanding" ... and as the Radical Jesus stated, "you will know the truth" ... and as we understand from this philosophy of Jesus and the science of mind, the truth that we must know is that we are "surrounded by an Infinite Possibility.  It is Goodness, Life, Law and Reason" ... Jesus called it Father, or First Cause ... "In expressing Itself through us, It becomes more fully conscious of Its own being.  Therefore, It must express through us."

Our relationship with G-d, Life ... is one of unity not separation. But, we must be "conscious" of It as it passes through our consciousness, just as we must be conscious of the good that we desire to experience.  It is the purpose of spiritual treatment to be "conscious" ... specific and definite, in order to align our mind with the Power, Presence and Intelligence of the Spirit in order to experience the good we desire.  Jesus stated this as:  "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" (Matthew 7:7) In other words, be specific, be definite, and be conscious that we are "unifying" our consciousness with G-d Consciousness. 

Dr. Holmes writes in the Science of Mind:  "The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce; we must supply the avenue through which It can work.  It is ready and willing.  It is Its nature to spring into being through our thought and action." And this is why so many of us fail to realize our hopes, dreams and desires ... we want to figure what is wrong rather than let our mind conceive the good that we desire.  To attempt to figure out what is wrong or what "caused" something negative to happen, or what is "causing" inaction ... is to continue to "resist our good."  To resist our good is to fight and what we fight will ignite ... and consume our hopes, our dreams and our desires.  This will not produce the results that we want to experience.

     In these first three introductory chapters of The Science of Mind, along with the philosophy of the Master Mind Jesus, we have learned what the Principle is, that is; "The Thing Itself" ... and we have learned "How It Works" and now in this lesson we know "What It Does" and in our next lesson we will learn "How To Use It" ... in the way Dr. Holmes discovered from the philosophy of the Radical Jesus. 
It is the "how-to-move-through whatever it is that we desire to move through ... as we move ever closer in consciousness to the specific Good we choose to experience.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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