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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 17, 2016

             "The realm of causation is in secrecy. All the Father's (Spirit's) causative work is done in secret, but its fruit, or manifestation, is open. This truth is symbolized throughout nature, and even also in the arts of mankind.
           The seed works underground, sometimes a long time, before it puts forth its green leaf, and throughout its growth its laboratory is still most secret.  The embryo babe is hid from sight.  Both the land and the sea cover thousands of treasures .. diamonds, pearls, gold, coal, coral .. still in process of formation, preparing for manifestation which may be ages hence.
           In the arts of mankind they continually hide the mechanism that produces the fair showing the works of a watch, the dynamo that lights, the kitchen that produces the banquet, there is not a work of man's hand but has its secret region of causation.
            In order to be master of any work of art or nature one must go right into its secret place.  So, herewith, Jesus would show us how to get into the secret place of the Most High, the realm of causation.  Act as God acts, who does not care to what mankind ascribe His good deeds
            Sound no trumpet before you. "I receive not honor from men," says the Christ. It is human nature to love the praise of men, but it is divine to love the praise of God only. In all ways Jesus would have us lift up our human loves into the divine; for the human is temporal and unsatisfying, while the divine is eternal and all-satisfying.
             Good actions must be our natural habit. As we do not go about telling people we breathe, or taking credit to ourselves that we eat, so also we should realize that our goodness should be as spontaneous and as unassuming and as free from self -consciousness as every function of the physical organs.
              Nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. No spiritual prayer/treatment/affirmation is ever lost, no good work is ever wasted. And the more secret it is, the more it is within, at the source of good, the greater and more complete is the manifestation.
               "Thy Father (Spirit) which is in secret." God is within you, for Heaven is within ( Luke xvii : 21 ) , and to address our Father which is in Heaven (Invisible Intelligence) we must know God to be in us, and not away off, as children have been so ignorantly taught to believe in the blue sky, or some other indefinite, unreachable place. Therefore let the mind seek the peaceful center of being by causing the thoughts steadily to dwell upon the presence and power of God's kingdom.
              Repetition is all right, Jesus himself repeated the same prayer three times on one occasion.  But it is vain repetition, words without feeling, that we are warned against.
               Better to speak one sentence in which is faith and confidence, and warm, loving realization than many statements that carry no conviction of their truth to us." 
 In the Secret Place, Annie Rix Militz

            I believe and accept that G-d listens to our heart; that is, the Intelligence that creates through us and for us bases this creative action on the thoughts that we "feel to be true" for us no matter what this "true for us" may be perceived by others.  As Annie Rix Militz states so clearly, "nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest" and in these words we can realize the "cause" of everything that appears in our life experience.  Our feelings are secret for mere words could never define the complexity of them whether they be energized by joy or by pain.  Yet, we have great control over our feeling nature and most of us have probably sensed changes in the way we feel about the things that concern us.  These changes have a great deal to do with what we have experienced and the level of spiritual maturity we have developed.  

            It has been my experience that those who spend time each day in the silence or in meditation or contemplation have a stronger sense of control over their feelings.  Their ability to view the world around them as an "observer" rather than a "judge" allows them to reflect more of the nature of G-d, Spirit, in all that they do as well as the thoughts that enter their awareness.  Annie Rix Militz clarifies this with the statement "Act as God acts, who does not care to what mankind ascribe His good deeds."  In other words we begin to act and think "consciously" rather than "self-consciously" and lose any concern about perceiving the world around us as a reflection of the "collective consciousness" or race mind.  This deeper spiritual consciousness was demonstrated by the Master Mind Jesus in his actions and words and in modern times by people like John Lennon and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

           I absolutely believe that the daily practice of sitting in the silence and gaining a sense of being in the presence of the Presence of G-d and allowing this Spirit-Presence to transform our heart, our soul and our mind, not only gives us the advantage of experiencing life as an "observer" without judgment, but opens our mind to a greater awareness of ideas, images and the likeness of health and prosperity and joy and peace and these we shall experience with abundance in our own personal world of experience.  Yes, it is true, Your world will be a better place.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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