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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for January 18, 2009 

                                           "..... we are surrounded by a Mind, or Intelligence, that knows everything; that the potential knowledge of all things exists in this Mind; that the abstract essence of beauty, truth and wisdom co-exist in the Mind of the Universe; that we also exist in It and may draw from It.  But what we draw from It we must draw through the channel of our minds.  A unity must be established, and a conscious connection must be made, before we can derive the benefits which the greater Mind is willing to reveal or impart to us."  - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

       This week we continue with our annual review of the first four Introductory Chapters of "The Science of Mind" with Introductory Chapter 3, "What It Does."   All references to SOM, are from "The Science of Mind." 

       (SOM) "The intelligence by and through which we perceive that there is a Spiritual Presence and an Infinite Mind in the Universe, constitutes our receptivity to It, and decides Its flow through us."

     The world has made simplicity into complexity.  We have lost sight of the Truth that "G-d Is" and that our connection with G-d is always in the present moment, or to use a popular term, "the Now."  We keep looking back when we should always be looking onward and upward, lifting our consciousness into the realm of the Divine and away from our human limitations.  The only limits that we will find in our lives are the limits we have self-imposed.  The Universe does not limit us nor does it punish us, it gives to all alike.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus stated, "it rains on the good and the bad alike."  We have limited ourselves with judgments of good and bad when all the time, our good has always been assured.  G-d does not see us has unworthy or undeserving of the Good that we seek, these things we have learned from the world.

     (SOM)  "Undoubtedly we are surrounded by, and immersed in, a perfect Life:  a complete, normal, happy, sane, harmonious and peaceful existence.  But only as much of this Life as we embody will really become ours to use.  As much of this Life as we understand and embody will react as immutable law - the reaction of the mechanical to the volitional.  The concept is wonderful and fraught with tremendous significance.  In it is bound up our hopes and fears, our expectations, and our future and present realizations. ... Since an understanding of any law must pass first through our conscious mind before we can make use of it, it follows that with all our getting, we should get understanding.  Should we wish to know a certain truth, we should state that this truth is already known in Mind and this statement will be true, but the Over-Mind must be accepted into our mind before we can understand It.  How, then, are we to accomplish the desired result?  By stating and feeling that our mind knows the truth about the thing we desire to know.  In this way we draw the Infinite Mind into our mentalities, for definite knowledge of some particular good."

     (SOM)  "Mental work is definite.  Each state of thought taps the same Principle, each uses the same Law, is inspired by the same Spirit, but each draws forth a different result.  Here is multiplicity proceeding from Unity.  This is what Emerson meant when he said that Unity passes into variety. ... But, someone will ask, can we bring out both good and evil from the One Source?  Of course not.  The First Principle is goodness, and only in so far as our thought and action tend toward a constructive program, will it eventually succeed.  We cannot fight the Universe.  It refuses to be budged from Its course.  We can only go with It."

     (SOM)  "Let us restate our Principle.  We are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility.  It is Goodness, Life, Law and Reason.  In expressing Itself through us, It becomes more fully conscious of Its own being.  Therefore, It wishes to express through us.  As It passes into our being, It automatically becomes the law of our lives.  It can pass into expression through us only as we consciously allow It to do so.  Therefore, we should have faith in It, and Its desires and Its ability to do for us all that we shall ever need to have done.  Since It must pass through our consciousness to operate for us, we must be conscious that It is doing so."

     Whatever it is that we desire to experience, we must first become conscious of it, and then make our mind receptive to it.  We do this with mental treatment ... by affirming definitely, consciously and explicitly what it is we desire to have, to be, or to do.  This is not wishing or hoping, but a definite choosing.  Before we begin to work with mental treatment, we must make a definite decision as to what we want.  Mind is Intelligence and we must deal with It intelligently, and anything less than a definite choosing only brings forth confusion.  (SOM) "The mystery with which most people surround the search for Truth, relative to this Principle, is not read out of It, but is read into It."

We have now learned about "The Thing Itself" ... "The Way It Works" ... "What It Does" ... and so next week we learn "How To Use It" ... and so before we begin to "Use It" ... let us spend some time this week contemplating all the ins and outs, consequences, and responsibilities, that our prayer requires ... as G-d can only do for us, what It can do through us.  This is the Truth that never changes.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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