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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, January 20, 2013 

       So much of what we find in our world today related to spiritual and religious practices can be summed up as “feel good psychology.”  This is true for even conservative religious practices for most are teaching that there is something or someone outside of us that can change things for us.  The masses of people continue to believe in a God of intervention, rather than a Law of G-d that responds to us by corresponding to what we believe to be true.  Ernest Holmes informs us in his book, “This Thing Called Life” that the main impulsion of Life is Love.  The great philosopher Plato said it is love, beauty and wisdom.  And in these few words we can arrive at the realization that Love and G-d are synonymous; Love being the Creative Intelligence of G-d as it impulses everyone and everything to realize more of the beauty resident in the universe and to enlarge our awareness of the infinite possibilities surrounding us.

         We read in the scriptures the revelation of truth that “in Him we live and move and have our being” … and yet, so many have failed to arrive at the realization that this “Him” is Spirit … Creative Spirit … and not only did this Creative Intelligence create all that we see and are aware of, but It has already created all that we desire to experience. It is our taking the next step to “condition” our mind to believe that causes us to receive that which as of yet, has been beyond our perception.  The Master Mind Jesus instructed us to believe … believe not only in what we see, but believe that we are instrumental in shaping and forming the good desires that we seek to experience through the power of our faith aligned with the Power of the Infinite.  In other words, as Ernest Holmes states, “the Power in you is you; It is Itself as you.  The more you live, the more completely It is expressed through you.”  As we make a greater demand upon our consciousness to be elevated to a higher thought about our self and about our relationship to G-d and Life Itself, our small wishes and hopes are transformed into dynamic impulses of desire that must become a part of our experience.  The great Emma Curtis Hopkins summed it up as, “there is good for me and I ought to have it” … and so we must persistently affirm that we do have those things that are ours by right of consciousness, otherwise, beauty, love and wisdom will be fleeting at best in our lives.

           The following is a simple practice which may greatly benefit you: 
"The One Supreme Power, Life, Intelligence and Spirit is within, around and through me.  My word is the activity of this Infinite Spirit and is the law of good in my experience. ... It is perfect in its action and permanent in its manifestation.  Infinite Intelligence governs, sustains and animates me.  Good alone goes from me and good alone returns to me. ... The Law of Life establishes harmony and right adjustment of all personal, family and business affairs or conditions in my life.  I am supplied with every good thing.  I am happy, radiant and complete.  The Source of all life manifests as peace, harmony and wholeness in my experience.  ... Everything that I do, say or think is governed by pure Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom.  I am guided into right action.  I am surrounded with friendship, love and beauty.  Enthusiastic joy, vitality and inspiration are in everything I do. ... I represent that Life which cannot want, which is forever manifesting freedom, self-expression and wholeness.  I represent the principle of Divine Activity which never tires, which is birth-less, changeless and deathless.  I am receptive to the inexhaustible energy of the universe, to Divine Guidance, and to the influx of perfect life, perfect ideas, and complete joy. ... I know as a result of this spiritual realization, happiness, health and prosperity immediately will spring into action and manifest in everything I do, say or think. ... I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of complete happiness, abundant health and increasing prosperity.  I am aware of my partnership with the Infinite.  I know that everything I do shall prosper. ... I accept this word.  I know that it is the Presence, the Power and the Activity of God in me.  I know I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of inward peace and poise.  I immediately become conscious of a more abundant life.  I expect greater good, more happiness and a complete success in every constructive thing which I undertake. ... Again I affirm that this word, being the presence of the Spirit in me, is the Law of Life operating through me, and establishing in me that which is good, beautiful and true.  It is done.  I accept.  I believe.  I know." - Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called Life (slightly modified)  

       The great value to this affirmation written by Ernest Holmes is that he is providing us with a rhythm of words that few of us use on a daily basis, if ever.  This automatically introduces “new-ness” into our consciousness and begins the process of preparing our mind for the realization of something not experienced before or something beyond what we have previously experienced.   There is a similarity to Holmes’ reasoning to that of the Master Mind Jesus.  Jesus used words and phrases to introduce a new awareness of our relationship with the Spirit [Father] into the minds of his followers.  Even those who were educated and considered intellectual, of which there were few, fully understood the meaning of Jesus’ words, but they were attracted to the consciousness of the truth he was speaking of.  Although, just as is so apparent today, their attraction was directed towards him more than the truth of what he was teaching.  Jesus taught people “how to prosper” rather than looking to him for their prosperity or their good, whatever that form of good might be.  In his words, “if I don’t go away” … he is actually telling his followers to stop looking to him and start looking to the Spirit of power and faith within them.  As Ernest Holmes states, “the Law of Life is like a mirror.  It reflects back to us the images of our thoughts in exactly the way we think them.  We cannot say that It is a little or that It gives us but a small portion of Itself when our own thought patterns are limiting this gift.  Life has already delivered everything It has to us.  But in our personal experience even that which It has given must, of a necessity, be limited to that which we take.”

       And so we must begin by making the decision to believe … and in believing we must learn to expect … and in expecting we must learn to be patient with ourselves for everything must come through our consciousness.  And, if we use words that self-depreciate or criticize who we are or what we do or what we have, the increase or the new, will not come to our awareness.  As Ernest Holmes notes in his book, “This Thing Called Life” … “The Upanishads inform us that “by the knowledge of God the bonds of ignorance and unhappiness are destroyed” … “in The Talmud we find, Pray not that sinners may perish, but that the sin itself may disappear.”  All that which seems to be withheld from us is but our misdirected thoughts about Life … our desires are seeking fulfillment through us.  And we can use the Law of Life for every good purpose in a definite way to transcend all the doubt, all the fear, and all the confusion that has bound us to that which is less than the measure of good that we ought to have.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes

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