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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 24, 2016

         We are in a new year but for many people there is still a lot of unfinished business from the past year; goals still not met, desires unfulfilled and dreams still not realized.  Knowing that we can only move forward from where we are it is good to make note of these things mentally.  And for some people the hopes and dreams of yesterday are no longer desirable and we should finish with them in our mind by stating that this is so.  If we have lost a sense of expectancy then it is time to make a new list, set a new goal, contemplate a new desire and plan to manifest a new dream.  But first we must remind ourselves that in order to generate the level of faith and expectancy to demonstrate that which we choose to have, to do or to be, we must recognize and identify with the Power that makes all things possible.

        The mystical Christian D. Larson in his book "In Tune With The Infinite" provides for us, with clarity, the way in which to draw more of the Intelligence, Power and Spirit of the Infinite into our own heart, mind and soul.  This is from his book: 
There is a mystic force that transcends the powers of the intellect and likewise of the body. There are certain faculties that we have that are not a part of the active, thinking mind; they transcend any possible activities of the active, thinking mind. Through them we have intuitions, impulses, leadings, that instead of being merely the occasional, should be the normal and habitual.
         They would be if we understood better the laws that pertain to them and observed them; for here, as in connection with everything in the universe and everything in human life, all is governed by law ... the Elemental law of cause and effect. Supreme Intelligence, Creative Power, works only through law. There is an inner spirit or guide that rules and regulates the life when the life is brought into that state or condition whereby it can make itself known, and in turn dominate the life.
         Jesus, Master of the laws of life, and supreme revealer of them to mankind, had a full and practical knowledge of it. He not only abundantly demonstrated it in His own life; but He made clear the way whereby it may become the common possession of other lives. Do not worry about your life, was the Master's clear-cut and repeated command. He not only gave the injunction or command, but He demonstrated the method whereby the fears and forebodings and uncertainties of life can be displaced by a force or a power that will bring them to an end.
         It was embodied in His other injunction or command that He gave utterance to so repeatedly: 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.' And by all these things, He meant, all of the common needs and necessities of the daily life."

It is without question that our desires come to our awareness through a myriad of means.  As we recognize that all desires for material things are simply "symbols" then we realize that perhaps we may not receive the new car or the new home or the new job but as we keep the faith then we will realize that something greater that these things symbolize.  The Master Mind Jesus' instruction to "seek ye first the Kingdom of God" is to go deep within our mind, heart and soul to recognize what these "things" symbolize and realize that they symbolize something new, something greater, something more than we have experienced before, but not always the thing that our human mind has conceived them to be.  If there is any argument in our mind or lack of trust in the Intelligence that is at work in us and throughout the universe in which we live, then we have not developed the mental equivalent of accepting our greater good.

         And so we begin to realize a greater potential within our inner-self, our own personalized Hidden Power within.  These words from Christian D. Larson take on a more important meaning for us:  "
The higher forces and powers of the inner life, those of the mind and spirit, always potential within, become of actual value only as they are recognized, realized, and used. The Master Mind Jesus' Way of the Spirit, the finding of the Kingdom within, leads in to no blind alley. It leads out and triumphantly out on to the great plain of clear vision, of un-self-centered activity, of heroic endeavor and accomplishment.
           If we would spend a fraction of the time that we spend in needless anxiety in definite constructive thought, in 'silent demand', visualizing the conditions that we would have, with faith in their fulfillment, we would soon know that the Master Mind Jesus' illustration of the care-free bird is fact and not fancy. It is, He said, what life should be.
          The little time spent in the quiet each day, alone with one's God, that we may make and keep our connection with the Infinite Source "our source and our life" will be a boon to any life. It will prove, if we are faithful, to be the most priceless possession that we have."

            Our thoughts make us what we are here and hereafter and so we must condition our mind to think the thoughts of faith, the thoughts of accomplishment, the thoughts of realizing the Hidden Power within that fills our thoughts of faith with power and our thoughts of accomplishment with satisfaction.  The Intelligence that clothed our spirit in human form and gifted us with this life is always with us but never interferes with us nor intervenes for us for G-d has already imparted within each of us all the power, intelligence and presence of mind necessary to realize all that is required for us to enjoy every day of this thing called life.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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