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Weekly Message To The Masses, Sunday, January 25, 2004         

                 This is the 4th of 4 Lessons this month from the Introductory Chapters of the Science of Mind, authored by Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science.  Each year ministers in Religious Science churches and centers review these very important chapters.   Lesson #1 can be read by clicking:  "The Thing Itself."  Lesson # 2 can be read by clicking:  "The Way It Works." Lesson #3 can be read by clicking:  "What It Does."   Within these first four introductory chapters are the Keys to Life Mastery ... and the steps we can take to grow into greater success, prosperity and happiness!

           HOW TO USE IT

            From the Science of Mind:  " God does not punish the mathematician who fails to obtain the right answer to his problem. The thought of the unsolved problem does punish him until he applies the right principle and thus secures the desired result. Thus sin and punishment, righteousness and salvation,
are logical reactions of the Universe to the Life of the Individual.

        When we are dealing with real Life - with thoughts, impulses, emotions, etc. - we are dealing with Causation, with original Cause, and we should be most careful how we deal with such powers and forces. In dealing with this subtle power of Mind and Spirit, we are dealing with a fluent force. It is forever taking form and forever deserting the form which it has taken. Thus someone practicing this Science is not confused by any given form, but knows that any form which is not of the original harmony is subject to change. The Original Spirit is Harmony. It is Beauty and Truth and everything that goes with Ultimate Reality. The Universe is not divided against Itself."
- Dr. Ernest Holmes

         And so we begin our work by understanding what we want to change in our lives ... and know what it is we want to change to.  Do we want more love, more joy, a greater experience of health ... more wealth?  Whatever it is, we must understand and know that we already have the seed ... our prayer then, should be an affirmation of growth and expansion of that which we already have ... recognizing all the while that it is the Infinite Invisible, God, that is working through us to create the greater expansion of Good.

        The work we are to do is in "mind" ... knowing that Mind is the Creative Principle ... as we allow it to work through our thoughts by eliminating any ideas or concepts that restrict or limit Its movement in our Life.  We must contemplate what we believe about God ... do we believe as the mystics tell us that God is peace, harmony, love, joy, intelligence etc. ? ... then, we must know that whatever God Is ... we are as well ... that is the "image and likeness of God" individualized and without limits or restrictions.  Many of us hold beliefs based on our past experiences ... if we have experienced failure or rejection ... we may continue to believe that failure and rejection or possible for us. 

     We eliminate these beliefs and thoughts by replacing them with new beliefs and thoughts that are aligned with the Truth ... failure and rejection are no part of God ... so, we make conscious choices and direct these ideas to our subconscious.  This must be done ... as the subconscious is reactive  ... and will create whatever it is directed to create.  Many of us have had experiences that have surprised us ... not realizing that the experience was simply a reaction of our subconscious mind.  The subconscious is continually being fed by our conscious acceptance or rejection of ideas and concepts ... these ideas come from other people, what we read, television, radio and movies ... and so if we find ourselves having experiences that we do not want ... then we must replace these ideas and concepts in our subconscious with new ideas and concepts that give us the liberty to experience Greater Good.

       The subconscious is the "soul" ... and our soul's journey is mapped by all that we accept and believe.  As we take the time to develop new ideas in our consciousness through meditation and contemplation, we are ready to experience more, we can set our goals ... and we can grow as the new unfolds.

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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