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Sunday, January 27, 2002

                   Consciousness:  The sense of awareness, of knowing. The knowledge or realization of any idea, object, or condition. The sum total of all ideas accumulated in and affecting man's present being. The composite of ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensation, and knowledge that makes up the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious phases of mind. It includes all that man is aware of--spirit, soul, and body. - from "The Revealing Word" by Charles Fillmore, Founder of the Unity Movement 

The Master Mind Jesus stated that we must "be like little children." 
Little children look out at the world with trust, love and curiosity.  As our minds become influenced by people and experiences, we take on many of the firmly held beliefs and concepts of those around us.  We learn to accept the beliefs of our parents, our siblings, our teachers and others.  Our greatest influence is our parents.  Most of us move through the first 18 years of our lives living in the circumstances and conditions that are the effects of our parents' consciousness.  In other words, we take on the beliefs, ideas and concepts that have developed into the Law of Mind that is operating automatically in our parents experience of life.  Our parents went through the same "conditioning" of consciousness with their parents.  This is why the Radical Rabbi taught that we must be "born again."  We must "renew" our minds and experience a "transformation" of thought, ideas and concepts.

                  The "sins of the fathers" are the mistaken beliefs and ideas that have fostered an experience of discord, inferiority and superiority in our world of experience. 
An extreme example of this are the beliefs and concepts of children reared by parents who are members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  Children are not born with a consciousness of racism or hatred towards those of another race or color.  These ideas and beliefs are the "iniquities" that are of this world, not of the world of Spirit from which we came.   Once these beliefs are firmly held in consciousness, our experiences will validate them as truth.  But they are not the Truth.  They are but the confusion in the minds of people who lack spiritual understanding.  Anti-Semitism, nationalism, homophobia and all the other phobias are "caused" in the same manner.  It is the acceptance in our "minds" of a "mistake" over the Truth.

In Religious Science we understand that sins are but mistakes, an action from error rather than from right thinking.  Rather than get into blame and shame for the mistakes we have made, we know we must "renew" our minds to the Truth, and follow the way of right thinking and Divine Wisdom.  Lack of spiritual understanding sees something in others that we refuse to see in ourselves.  In the Science of Mind we understand that we can only see from what we are seeing with.  If we are looking out on the world with a consciousness filled with prejudice and judgment, we will find many things and people to be prejudiced against and to judge.  But the judgment is against us for the seeds of iniquity have been planted in our very own consciousness and we are falsely believing that we can harvest them outside of ourselves.  This is why we can never
"blame" anyone for anything.  We are always only experiencing ourselves.  If our mind is filled with ideas that we can have enemies or dissension, we will find many demonstrations of enemies and dissension to validate our beliefs.

                  In order to "forgive" or "give up" the sins of the fathers, we must cultivate, foster and nurture the opposite beliefs and concepts.  As we contemplate Truth, Love and Life as God, as Good, we "renew" our minds to the Truth and our consciousness begins its "transformation."  In this transformation we will find that God Is  All and All.  Its All God, All Good and everybody and everything is Good.  It can be no other way.

Love alone can overcome fear because love surrenders itself to the object of its adoration.
Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates