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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, January 27, 2013 

       "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of G-d is within you." [ The Master Mind Jesus ]         "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you." [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]
              "Only in the degree that we understand the nature of God can we understand the nature of individual being.  In thinking of ourselves, as well as of others, we must catch some glimpse inwardly of the nature and activity of God, the creative Principle, which brought us forth into expression.  God has incarnated Itself as the very mind, soul, substance, and life of our being - even the substance of our body.  The Word has become flesh as individual you and me." - Joel Goldsmith, The Art of Meditation

         When I read the words attributed to the great Emerson, the Master Mind Jesus and the mystical Joel Goldsmith, I am inspired and motivated to give even more of my time and energy to "beholding G-d" ... that is, the Spirit, Power and Intelligence that not only is omnipresent in the world but that part of It that is within me and you.  As we look out into the world and consciously seek to realize the infinite creativity and intelligence that is both visible and beyond our physical vision, we cannot help but feel the Presence within our own heart and soul. 

After centuries of being told that we are "only human" and that God is out there somewhere beyond the clouds, I have the most tremendous respect for those who have broken through the "world belief" and told us that there is more to G-d than superstition and tradition have given us.   There are very few people in the world who are fully conscious that they are Spirit having a human experience, and although many know this intellectually, our being conscious of it to any great degree is continually challenged by the experiences that we go through and the collective consciousness that is always pressing against our mind.

        So much of what must be accepted by us along with the truth that we are the Living Spirit of G-d in flesh, is difficult for so many of us to accept and to realize for ourselves.  In order to establish this truth at the deeper level of our consciousness, the soul level, we must also arrive at the realization that our experiences are like a mirror, reflecting back to us that which we believe and have accepted as true for us and for others.  Now, we read these words and for the most part, we accept them as the truth.  After all, doesn’t gravity reflect back to us our awareness of its nature and our willingness to align ourselves with the changeless, immutability of its laws?  Does this mean that we are “responsible” for everything that happens in our experience, of course not, as we can’t be responsible for something that we are not “conscious” of.  But, we can begin to become more conscious and more aware of the impact and consequences of our beliefs, thoughts and the images in our mind that we dwell on.  And, I know this appears to be simplistic, and I assure you that it is.  The Intelligence of Spirit that created us and lives in us, did not create obstacles to our happiness and joy and peace, yet, we have allowed ourselves to be mesmerized into believing that that which is simple, is somehow complex.

              “Ask and ye shall receive.”  This is one of the most wonderful statements ever uttered.  It implies that there is a Power which can and will honor our requests.  At the same time Jesus said that we should not ask amiss.  However, these two sayings of Jesus are not contradictory.  They merely mean that you should ask in the “nature” of the Divine Life which is love, truth, beauty, power, wisdom, goodness and peace.
             Anything we ask in this nature we have a right to expect to receive.  But it is only as we let go of the lesser that we can take hold of the greater, only as we drop confusion that we can entertain peace, only as we transcend doubt and fear that we can be lifted up to the hill tops of the inner Life.  In asking, we must identify our self with the greatness of the Spirit.  This is the only way we can breathe this Almighty Power.  [We must] permit our consciousness, through faith, to rise to a greater and broader realization of that Divine Presence which is always delivering Itself to us.
            Believing that the Divine Mind [Spirit] is ever present, that Divine Intelligence is ever available, open our consciousness to Its guidance.  [We must] keep our mind steadfast and loyal to the thought that we are governed by this Divine Intelligence.  [And] feel that we are impelled to make right decisions, that we are compelled to act upon these decisions intelligently, and know that the Power that is with us cannot desert us.”  - Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You [slightly modified]

          The time is right for each of us to look forward to, and “expect” to realize a greater and more fulfilling life experience.  It has been said that “nothing is impossible for those who believe” … and this is the truth for each of us, but for most of us, we must elevate our thoughts and ideas about what we believe to be true for us, in order to bring forth that spark of the Divine within us, that responds to us.  It is right and intelligent to believe that the “kingdom of G-d is within us”  … but it is even more tremendously satisfying to demonstrate it as the truth for us … to let our faith bring forth the visible works, or results, that give us the validation that we can depend on our right of consciousness to give us the good desires of our heart.

       And so we must ask ourselves, what do we believe?  Why do we believe it?  And, most importantly, what are the consequences of these things we believe?  The Master Mind Jesus informed us that our faith can “make us whole” … but do we believe this?  Or, are we waiting for someone else, perhaps G-d, or Jesus or Buddha or Krishna, or some spiritual guru to make us whole?  No one can answer these questions for us for no one else can think for us or believe for us that which we do not accept as true for us.  We hold our ideas and beliefs in place in our consciousness … and it is our divine right to do so … but, it is also our divine right to displace those thoughts, ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us, with those that do.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
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