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Sunday, January 28, 2001


        Religious Science churches and centers all over the world begin each New Year by presenting the first four chapters from the Science of Mind, the Philosophy we teach.  These
chapters are the heart and soul of Religious Science.

- How To Use It 

One of the great difficulties in the new order of thought is that
we are likely to indulge in too much theory and too little practice. As a
matter of fact, we only know as much as we can prove by actual
demonstration. That which we cannot prove may, or may not, be true but
that which we can prove certainly must be, and is , the truth.

t is easy enough to rush about shouting that there are no sick
people, but this will never heal those who appear to be sick. It is easy to
proclaim that there are no needy. Anyone can say this, whether he be
wise or otherwise. If we are to prove these statements to be facts in our
experience we shall be compelled to do more than announce a principle,
no matter how true it may be.

There is no doubt about the immutability and the availability
of the Law. The Law is Infinite. It is right where we happen to be at any
given time. It occupies all space and fills every form with differentiations
of Itself. The Law also flows through us, because It flows through
everything, and since we exist, It must be in and through us. This is the
crux of the whole matter. Infinite and immutable as the Law is -
ever-present and available as It must be, the potential possibility of all
human probability - It must flow through us in order to manifest for us.

It has been proved that by thinking correctly and by a
conscious mental use of the Law of Mind, we can cause It to do definite
things for us, through us. By conscious thinking, we give conscious
direction to It, and It, consciously or unconsciously, responds to our
advance along the line of our conscious, or subjective, direction.

It must and will respond to everyone, because It is Law and
law is no respecter of persons. We are surrounded by an intelligent force
and substance, from which all things come - the ultimate Essence, in the
invisible and subjective world, of all visible and objective forms and
conditions. It is around us in its original state, ready and willing to take
form through the impulse of our creative belief. It works for us by flowing
through us. This law we did not create, this law we cannot change. We
can use It correctly only as we understand and use it according to Its

Hence, it follows that if we believe that It will not work, It
really works by appearing to "not work." When we believe that It cannot
and will not, then, according to the principle IT DOES NOT. But when It
does not, It still does - only It does according to our belief that It will not. 
This is our punishment through the law of cause and effect; we do not
enter in because of our doubts and fears. It is not a punishment imposed
upon us by the Spirit of God, but an automatic result of failing
constructively to use the Law of God.

God does not punish the mathematician who fails to obtain
the right answer to his problem. The thought of the unsolved problem
does punish him until he applies the right principle and thus secures the
desired result. Thus sin and punishment, righteousness and salvation,
are logical reactions of the Universe to the Life of the Individual.

When we are dealing with real Life - with thoughts,
impulses, emotions, etc. - we are dealing with Causation, with original
Cause, and we should be most careful how we deal with such powers
and forces. In dealing with this subtle power of Mind and Spirit, we are
dealing with a fluent force. It is forever taking form and forever deserting
the form which it has taken. Thus a Practitioner of this Science is not
confused by any given form, but knows that any form which is not of the
original harmony is subject to change. The Original Spirit is Harmony. It
is Beauty and Truth and everything that goes with Ultimate Reality. The
Universe is not divided against Itself.
- The Science of Mind, by Dr. Ernest

Now that we know "How It Works," it is incumbent upon us to do
the work that clears our consciousness of the beliefs and imprints of our past
experiences that no longer serve us. Healing is spontaneous, always. The
results may go through a process in order to become visible, but the change in
consciousness that creates the changes in our lives that we see, can be
immediate. The Science of Mind, unlike all other spiritual teachings, uses
dynamic, affirmative spiritual mind treatment [Scientific Prayer] to transform
consciousness. Other spiritual teachings teach prayer and many teach
treatment, but no other religion has perfected prayer to the Science that Jesus
understood and used, as has the Science of Mind. Almost everyone prays in
some form or another and I believe they pray sincerely. But too many people
accept that there is a "reason" why their prayers are not answered. If the
prayer seeks that which is Good, and not a means to a selfish end, it must
be answered. The only "reason" is that the ego is justifying life to be less than
perfect, whole and complete. The true Reality is perfection, wholeness and
completeness in all things, any acceptance of less is just ego resisting its
surrender to God.

cientific Prayer taught and used effectively is a method of using
both Spirit and the Word to create a flow of energy and conviction that clears all
obstructions to Life, Truth, Beauty and the Harmony of Being, from our
consciousness. In other words, it moves, it flows and it frees the mind! It
quickens the Light of Truth to dissolve all things unlike Itself in our
consciousness and frees us from the "reasoning" of ego. As we Recognize
God, Unify with our Divinity, Realize the Truth of any situation or condition,
Give Thanks for the Truth, Release our feelings about the situation or condition,
we co-create with God the perfection and wholeness of Life that is our Divine
Inheritance. The Truth works, it doesn't need anything from us but our
willingness to allow It to work through us.

From the Science of Mind:
We are in the world and of it
and it is good that it is so. The world is all right when we view it
correctly. Who knows what would transpire if all men would speak the
truth? It has never been tried, but let not the mouth of the profane hinder
those who would enter, thereby keeping them from entering. The world
has never yet followed the simple ethics of Jesus, yet it is loud in its
proclamation that it is Christian. This statement is not written in a spirit of
controversy, it is one of conviction, and will make its appeal only to those
who are convinced. "A man convinced against his will is of the same
opinion still."
- Dr. Ernest Holmes, 1926

And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
RScP., City of Angels Church