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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for January 29, 2017
           I have always been impressed with the simplicity that the American Mystic Ernest Holmes expresses as he teaches spiritual principles and practices.  His answer to a question from a victim of chronic worry is a wonderful example of this.  

            Question:  Troubles and ill health seem to have made me a chronic worrier and I am extremely sensitive; my surroundings are not to my liking and the unhappiness seems to aggravate my physical condition. I can analyze myself, but (page 81) never seem able to help myself. It is imperative that I regain my health as I have an invalid mother to take care of. 
And Ernest Holmes explains:  "A chronic habit becomes such through a repeated subconscious habit. A false sense of personal responsibility is the parent-seed of the worry habit, and sensitiveness or "nerves" is the logical result. Analysis reveals the error, but a determined, persistent, definite practice in neutralizing this condition by an opposite thought of truth is necessary for a healing. Worry has brought neither health nor happiness. Use the imagining and creative faculty of mind to free yourself of the habit. Each day see yourself well, active and radiantly happy, striving with all your understanding to "change your mental concept." Practicing this as often as you can, daily, will work wonders. Get a new frame in mind and put a new picture in it."  

         Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is known for this anagram for fear; false evidence appearing real.  He told an audience once that a man overcame fear simply buy writing out these words each day to deny the power of fear thoughts to disturb his mind.  Worry, of course, is just low-energy fear.

         A few years ago a woman called me for counseling and asked if she could tell me about her problems.  I asked her why she asked me that and she told me that the minister of her church told his Sunday morning audience that he didn't want to hear their troubles, their problems or their worries.  He wanted to hear about their dreams, their good desires, their goals and aspirations.  And so I asked her if she knew why he had said this and she replied that she did not.  I suggested to her that the reason why he said this is that every time we repeat our problems, our troubles or our worries we are impressing these things on our subconscious mind.  And instead of repeating what we no longer want to experience we should impress our subconscious with that which we do desire to have, to do or to be.

       The worried mind is not just filled with worry-thoughts but also images either seen or felt.  It is a misuse of our imagination which is one of the most creative gifts of the Spirit.  Our imagination functions not only through our conscious mind but also our subconscious mind which is why we can experience dreams that are so real that we actually react to them with either fear or joy physically.  Our imagination is an instrument of creation.  What we image in our mind becomes part of the creative process that determines our future and is instrumental in creating our reactions to the things and people we come into contact with.  If we develop a pattern of creating negative images in our mind we obstruct the flow of ideas that can be acted upon to move through whatever it is that we must move through in order to realize the happiness and peace of mind that is essential for living the abundant life.  Meditation and the study of spiritual principles and practices can eliminate the pattern of worry so that our imagination or imaging faculties can draw to us those things that are essential for successful living.

         FEAR = false evidence appearing real.  Let's remind ourselves of this often.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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