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Weekly Message To The Masses (February 1, 2004)         

                  "Courage is the heartbeat of consciousness and fear its mortal enemy. What you will not face will elude you, or else it will erode or corrupt some part of your life in unsuspecting ways. Consciousness is the light of the soul. Therefore, darkness will avoid it or dwell in the shadow of some external light. It takes great courage to be a light in the world and great faith to know that one ray of light may turn a darkened room into one that is safe to enter." -  from the "Keys of Jeshua" by Glenda Green

        There will always be those who tell us we cannot do something ... or will cast doubts on our motives.  Of one thing we can be certain, God is always giving us opportunities to experience more and more Good in our lives.  We, on the other hand, may not be open to new and better experiences ... and will reject them.  All the while thinking that we can continue on without being affected by the rejection.  But, this is not true ... we cannot reject the Giving-ness of the Infinite and not have this rejection show up in our experiences in some manner.  Most often we reject these new experiences due to fear ... fear of the unfamiliar ... or of the momentary uncomfortable-ness that we may experience at first when we enter into a new experience that calls us to be more than we have been before ... experiences that challenge us ... and may even at first appear as futile.

        General Wesley Clark, entered the democratic presidential race later than all the other candidates.  As a matter of fact, he did so with a lot of people telling him not to.  But like so many of us, we know what we know when we know it ... and General Wesley Clark is moving forward toward his vision for this country and the work ahead as President Clark.  From www.clark04.com :
"I'm running to bring back the core ideals of our democracy - personal liberty, open debate, and opportunity for all. These ideals have made us great. They will make us greater. They will make us safer and more prosperous. Join me. We can have a new kind of patriotism in America. We can have a new kind of America."

       Personal liberty, open debate, and opportunity for all ... these are the words that speak to the Spirit of each of us.  Liberty is the character of Infinite Spirit .. we must all be free to express our individuality ... to have the opportunity to prosper and succeed in that in which we choose.  Like General Wesley Clark, I have voted for members of both U.S. political parties.  Rather than vote for a democrat or republican, I vote for the candidate.  It is after all, the candidate who will set the tone for the country and whose values and integrity will shape the course for the future.  Personal liberty is in fact, in alignment with Universal Law and attaching ourselves to political parties can bind us to limitation.

As we understand that the Law of Life is a Law of Liberty ... each of us must be willing to cast aside all opinions, judgments and criticism ... and even the well-intended advice that we receive... and move forward allowing our vision for our Life to unfold ... not someone else's vision for our life.   We are living in the ONE GREAT LIFE ... and this ONE GREAT LIFE is seeking to express through us magnificently and successfully ... all we must do is safe-guard our personal liberty so that It can do Its Perfect Work through us.
 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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