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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for February 1, 2009 

                                       "Today I bestow the essence of Love upon everything.  Everyone I meet shall be lovely to me.  My soul meets the soul of the Universe in everyone.  This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness."  - Dr. Ernest Holmes, How To Change Your Life

       Throughout history we can read in legitimate spiritual writings the call to "love one another."  In the Science of Mind we know that we all live in Omnipresent Good.  We also realize that we live in a world of "consciousness unfolding" and this brings us the challenge to look beyond personality and physical actions to that Something greater within all people we come in contact with.  Traditional religions have attempted this by stating, "love the sinner but not the sin" ... but for most people, it is difficult, if not impossible to separate the two.

      We live in a world of "reflection" ... that is, we are always encountering what we accept and believe in consciousness.  The person who works under a tyrant boss, has a little tyranny within themselves to heal.  There are no coincidences in the Universe.  We are always being drawn to situations and circumstances that give us the opportunity to grow spiritually and to heal that which requires healing within us; our beliefs.  In the Science of Mind we know we never heal anything but a "belief" held in consciousness.  And this is just as true when we consider the expression of Love in our lives.

     We live in a culture where assumptions and perceptions rule the beliefs of many people.  I can recall in my life where someone told me that "perceptions are real to the people that hold them" ... but that is not true, they are merely "reflections" of their own beliefs and assumptions and often have no reality to them at all as "perceptions" are not truth.  In the "Four Agreements" Miguel Ruiz wrote, "Don't make assumptions." ... for many that was like, "don't see an elephant" ... it only reinforced "assumptions" in their consciousness.  Miguel Ruiz writes: 
"Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life."  Sadly, though, most people have found it all so much easier to live from assumptions then to avoid them.  Intellectually we all understand that assumptions can deny the truth ... but, we don't always act from our intellect and emotionally, assumptions can seem real.

     In the Science of Mind we understand that as we always seek to know the truth, we won't be stuck with assumptions.  Our philosophy calls us to go beyond appearances to find the truth.  We strive to have a complete reliance on Truth ... and this means the truth in all things.  To "love one another" is to desire the same good for everyone, that we desire for ourselves.  It is to look within ourselves and declare this for everyone.  Even those who hate us and persecute us.  It is the same "High Calling" that the Master Mind Jesus outlined in his teachings.  This "activity of mind" has healing power ... for ourselves and for those we declare it for.  But, so many will say, "I want to see them punished" ... and in this declaration we set ourselves up to be punished and takes us, in mind, out of the realm of Good.  Reward and punishment are automatic in the Law of Cause and Effect ... we don't need to concern ourselves about this.  But, who needs our love more? ... those who are being rewarded or those being punished?  We all know the answer to this and as we act on this in our minds, we align ourselves with Love.

It is possible for us to live in the fullest expression of Love.  Life wants us to be happy, and love is part of happiness.  If we are miserable it is because we are ignoring our opportunities to love those in our world of experience.  As we give, we receive ... this we all know.  Let us reflect on these words from Dr. Frank Richelieu:  "I am perpetually loved and cared for by the Infinite.  I place complete trust in the givingness of Infinite Mind.  I accept the changes in my life as action for betterment.  My ongoing-ness is assured."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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