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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, February 2, 2014 

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          "All difficulties and diseases can be healed by love.  If you have difficulty in the office, try love.  If you have a difficult parent-child relationship, try love.  If you have a health problem, try love.  Try love when fear, anger or hate appear.  Whatever you are confronted with, try love.
               Do not play at loving; really do it.  Get the feeling of it.  Know you are working with a principle that always works.  Who does the loving?  You do.  Where does it originate?  From you.  It is not something that you manufacture.  It is something that you recognize, something you feel, something you experience.  All the while it is within you waiting to come into expression.  It is that which holds you together and keeps you from falling apart.  It is the power that gives you life and strength and intelligence.  A lack of love will cause your world to fall apart.  An experience of love will put it back together again.
               There is no difficulty that love will not conquer.  There is no disease that love will not heal.  Isn't it worth taking a chance on love, especially when nothing else seems to work?
                Trying love is something we have to do for ourselves.  We have to love the real self we are.  This is very important.  If we had a healthy love of self, many of our problems would be eliminated before they began.  Learning to love the self and the self of others is our greatest achievement in life.
                 Begin to love until doing so becomes real and natural to you whether your love is for yourself, for another or for any situation or difficulty that arises." 
– Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

          I first used these quotes from Dr. Frank Richelieu in February, 2010.  I was so taken with the simple wisdom that is contained in his words ... and I still am, which is why I am using them again.  His first statement, "all difficulties and diseases can be healed by love" seems to be something easily understood, yet it is a profound truth.  Love is a synonym for G-d.  The more of love we take into our mind the more of G-d we shall express in our experiences.  If our mind is filled with the desire to share the love that we feel, we shall find that we will attract to us people, places and things that will offer us the opportunity to do just that.  As we get into the spirit of doing our work, supporting others in their success and a myriad of other things that we can do to express the love within us, we shall find that our problems will go away and we will express a more positive outlook on life.

        Dr. Frank Richelieu spent his life serving others in teaching and living the spiritual principles that he taught.  His success in his work and the prosperity and success of his church, was a reflection of his love for his work, his love for his congregation, his love for what he was teaching, and his love for who he was as he did all these things with love.  This is no Pollyanna testimonial, but the facts that were evident to everyone who came into contact with him.  This article appeared in the Los Angeles Times, October 27, 1990:  "Come Wednesday morning at 11 a.m., chances are not many people are thinking about going to church. But for two decades the Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science has been attracting worshipers at just that day and hour. The informal service, consisting of prayers, lessons and a question-and-answer period, has been very well received, said Pastor Frank E. Richelieu shortly before 100 people assembled on a recent Wednesday."  As we realize that this was before Social Media and the popularity of the Internet, we know that it was the consciousness of Dr. Frank Richelieu that drew people to him ... a consciousness of Love expressing through him. (Dr. Frank Richelieu was Dr. O. C. Smith's ministerial teacher and Dr. O. C. Smith was my ministerial teacher.)

         Dr. Richelieu writes:  "When we experience love, it melts away all that appears to obstruct.  It creates a way for us to experience a greater expression of life.  It gives depth and meaning.  It puts joy and rhythm into living.  Without love we seem to stand still and mark time.  We feel heavy and weighted down.  With love, there seems to be a constant surging or pushing up that takes us to new heights of awareness, to new realms of attainment.  With love, we are not afraid to expose ourselves to all forms of love.  Few of us realize that, at times, our only problem is that we have ceased to experience love and share this feeling of goodwill with others.  We ride the surface of things.  We forget to look beneath the surface."

       The words that got my attention here are:  "With love, we are not afraid to expose ourselves to all forms of love" ... Love as a healing agent ... Love as a pathway to understanding and harmony, and Love as protection and security.  It is Love that keeps us from falling apart, as Dr. Frank teaches.  Love gives us an interest in life by providing us with a purpose.  Emerson tells us that Love is a synonym for G-d and this we can realize as we let Love work through our mind to guide us and direct us to a greater realization of the Power of Love resident in our soul.  We can read in the ancient scriptures:  1 Corinthians 13:1 "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal."  The truth of this statement is evident in so much of what comes to us from the noise and nonsense of the world.  Far too many religious and political leaders attempt to pit us against one another rather than to "love one another" ... they do this in ignorance as they don't realize that far more is to be gained by people coming together in support of the common good than by selfish goals.  Dr. O. C. Smith in his profound, simple instruction taught us to "love everybody and adore some" ... to never let Love be absent in our mind, our heart and our soul.  

         Love heals and nothing else can and this is an immutable, changeless, universal and eternal Truth.  Love can heal an individual's illness or disease and just as easily heal the consciousness of a nation.  But, to do so, Love must be fostered and nurtured and cultivated and understood as the Power that creates, expands the good, and provides the good for everyone.  As we see a diminished measure of "love for one another" we see evidence not only in our personal lives but in the world an increased violence, apathy, poverty, illness, disease and depression.  Rather than make laws or make medicines to cure that which ills us, we must take Love into our mind to a greater degree ... and act accordingly.

        From Dr. Frank Richelieu, "The Art Of Being Yourself":  "I no longer seek after love. I no longer try to love. I know that Universal Love is within me is the core of my being. I do not create it, manufacture it, force it or find it. The only thing I can do is to realize that love is what I am and what divine Mind is, what others are and what the world is. I let myself be love in expansion today, for this is the natural expression of my being.
         I turn away from the past. Whatever has been ugly in my life, I turn away from it. I leave the mud-consciousness of criticism, negation, self-condemnation and hostility. I fasten myself to the rock of principle within me. I see the beauty and worth of my true being. This enables me to love myself and to love others."


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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