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Sunday, February 3, 2002


                   Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of the "Science of Mind," cautioned the readers of his books, ministers and practitioners, to not allow themselves to see Law as something cold and unfeeling.  He stated "Love points the Way, and Law makes the Way possible."  Dr. Holmes understood that without Love, whatever we demonstrate has but temporary satisfaction.  The Master Mind, Jesus, had the same understanding.  It was John, the Disciple that symbolizes Love, that scripture tells us was the "Disciple that Jesus loved."

                 Dr. Holmes, like Jesus,
knew that the only thing that can remove fear in our life experiences, is Love.  Without Love we may make the demonstration but we will live in fear of loss.  Even if we do not lose what we have demonstrated, it will not bring us any real sense of increased value to our life.  In other words, our joy in manifesting what it is, will fade quickly.

Everybody needs John in their life.  Someone or something that symbolizes Love.  We reach the Christ Presence Within through our Heart and Soul.  This movement towards our Sacred Center is the activity of Love.  The evidence is very clear when Love is missing.  When Love is missing in our businesses, in our relationships, our families, and even in our churches, there is a diminished value realized.  Our businesses fail or struggle.  Our relationships end or are filled with discontent and discord.  Our families become separated and distant to each other.  Our churches lose membership and struggle with money.  Love cannot be denied.  It is Powerful and very necessary in all things.  Those without Love cannot prosper a business, find peace and joy in relationships, have family unity, or in the case of churches, cannot sustain and grow their membership.

                 The Law (Creative Medium of Spirit), cannot thrive without Love.  Whatever we undertake must be motivated by our Heart and Soul.  Not only ours, but the people we surround ourselves with.  In "Love and Law," a book of transcripts of Dr. Holmes' classes, he states that we are dealing with both a positive and negative force.  If we put our Heart and Soul into the things that concern us, but surround ourselves with negative people, the stronger or more dominant consciousness will prevail.  In the book, "Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer," Dr. Bitzer cautions students to be careful where they go and who they associate with.  He knew, like Dr. Holmes, that our consciousness is receptive to the drama and the discord in the minds and actions of others.  Even though on a conscious level we are not aware of this receptivity, the more powerful consciousness will prevail in demonstrating its likeness.

                   Negative energy, like fear, is the antithesis of Faith, Hope and Love.  Fear destroys.  Love creates.  But, fear and Love together either in business, relationships, families or churches, creates failure. 
We must be as willing to let go of people in our lives as we are willing to let go of past negative experiences, resentments and bitterness.  If we don't, we must share in their negative demonstrations.  Jesus stated his family were those who listened to the Truth and lived accordingly.  He knew that companioning with those who denied Truth (Love) would end in disaster.

Our Heart and Soul activate the Spirit of Love.  As Love is activated into Law (Creative Medium of Spirit) every Good thing we can imagine can be realized and experienced.  But, we have to "pay first" as the Radical Rabbi explained.  We must give up those ideas, concepts, beliefs, and yes, even people, that suppress or deny the activity of Love.  Those without Love are merely noisy gongs or clanging cymbals.  They are not the Disciple John that we must have in our life.  When the perfect comes, the imperfect must go away ... it is Law .... it is Love ..... it is the activity of the Heart and Soul.

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates