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Sunday, February 4, 2001

         Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs. Everything in the Universe is for us.  Nothing is against us.  Life is ever giving of Itself.  We must receive, utilize, and
extend the gift.  Success and prosperity are spiritual  attributes belonging to all people, but  not necessarily used by all people.   
- Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

                    Prosperity is one of the most misunderstood of spiritual principles.  But, like most spiritual principles, if we approach it at its most basic, we will gain the understanding necessary to demonstrate it in our lives.  Most of us at one time or another have experienced lack of prosperity in our lives.  The human approach is then to cut back, do without and "make do" with less in our lives.  This approach makes the lack very real and also very difficult not to allow it to diminish our joy in life.  Oftentimes, the flow of prosperity will increase and we will think that this approach works.  Until it happens again, and sometimes again.  Like so many of our human struggles we have applied a "band-aid" to a problem.  The problem is still there, the band-aid just covered it up for awhile.

                      True prosperity is a continuous flow.  However, it only flows when we flow with it.  In other words, we cannot receive unless we are giving.  "Life is ever giving of itself," states Dr. Ernest Holmes and if we desire to master prosperity we must follow the Life Principle which is always giving.  We don't have to give money to receive money.  We don't have to receive money in order to give.  Within each of us are the greatest gifts we can give.  No matter how much we give joy, love and happiness to others, we will never diminish the infinite amount of  joy, love and happiness that we have to give.  The abundance that God Is, is for all of us.  But, we must be willing to share it, to give without thought of having less. 

                        In the Bible there is the example of the young, wealthy man who was told to leave all that he had to follow Jesus.  He had great wealth and he also had great faith that this wealth would sustain him and protect him, so he said no, I won't go.  But, by being deceived by what he had, he lost so much more.  Material things age, decay and become worth less.  But those things that are spiritual only increase and expand.  Had the young man followed the Master Teacher, Jesus, he would have learned about true, permanent prosperity.  He would have learned that all his prayers would be answered and that as long as he was living in alignment with spiritual Truth, there could never be a lack of any good thing in his life.  This is the great Love that God has for all of us, that "before I call, He has answered."

A few weeks ago when I was in Palm Springs at the New Thought Church of Today, I was invited to the home of a very successful and prosperous man.  His home was so magnificent I thought I had stepped into the pages of Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Town and Country or some such magazine.  It was opulent and palatial with pools, fountains and beautiful works of sculpture and art.  Every inch of the property, inside and out, was decorated and stylishly elegant.  At some point in the conversation our host stated that he was going to open his house up for a meeting of a local club that he was a member of.  Someone mentioned that that may not be wisdom as he would open himself up to the possibility of theft, or loss of something valuable in the house.  Our host, paused only for a moment, and said that didn't matter and he stated very clearly, "why have all this if I can't share it with people."  In that moment I realized how truly wealthy this man was.  His wealth went beyond the material possessions that our eyes could see and would be apparent to anyone.  He clearly understood the spiritual principle of prosperity.

Everything must be shared, no matter how insignificant it may "appear" to be.  The abundance of the Universe is not to be hoarded or kept for ourselves, we must extend the gift, act as a conduit.  That which we seek only for ourselves will be ours very temporarily, including happiness, joy and love.  The Universe gives lovingly to all, all that It has.  In order for us to have more, we must align ourselves with the Universal.  We must give, we must share and we must know that we give from an infinite abundance, where there can be no evidence of lack.  We must share our joy, our love, our happiness and we must share our material gain knowing that God has provided it to us to share, to give of it and in the giving we receive as much and greater still. Money can never buy us this demonstration, only the Love that Is within us, motivated by Faith, will manifest this Truth.  I don't care too much for money, because I know that the thing that will ultimately bring me the greatest joy and happiness, is knowing that the Love that Is God, responds to my every prayer. 

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
ScP., City of Angels Church