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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for February 7, 2010 

                   "All difficulties and diseases can be healed by love.  If you have difficulty in the office, try love.  If you have a difficult parent-child relationship, try love.  If you have a health problem, try love.  Try love when fear, anger or hate appear.  Whatever you are confronted with, try love.
               Do not play at loving; really do it.  Get the feeling of it.  Know you are working with a principle that always works.  Who does the loving?  You do.  Where does it originate?  From you.  It is not something that you manufacture.  It is something that you recognize, something you feel, something you experience.  All the while it is within you waiting to come into expression.  It is that which holds you together and keeps you from falling apart.  It is the power that gives you life and strength and intelligence.  A lack of love will cause your world to fall apart.  An experience of love will put it back together again.
               There is no difficulty that love will not conquer.  There is no disease that love will not heal.  Isn't it worth taking a chance on love, especially when nothing else seems to work?
                Trying love is something we have to do for ourselves.  We have to love the real self we are.  This is very imp
ortant.  If we had a healthy love of self, many of our problems would be eliminated before they began.  Learning to love the self and the self of others is our greatest achievement in life.
                 Begin to love until doing so becomes real and natural to you whether your love is for yourself, for another or for any situation or difficulty that arises.
Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

      Every day we have the opportunity to express and celebrate our consciousness of love.  As we can realize from Dr. Richelieu's words above, love has a tremendous healing capacity.  But, we cannot develop a consciousness of love unless we consciously choose to express love in all things that come to our awareness ... both the seemingly good and the seemingly difficult, as Dr. Richelieu has pointedly reminded us.

     Each of us know when we express love rather than react to our experiences with anger, distrust, envy or selfishness, because when we don't, we feel that tinge of uncertainty about the experience.  With love we are never uncertain, even at times when we know that our expression of love did not immediately meet with receptivity from others.  Love that is expressed from a consciousness of love is not looking outside of itself for validation.  In our consciousness of love, we know and we know that we know, that love in and of itself is enough.  We know that no matter how the situation may appear to be, we have left an imprint of love that will weave its perfect work through the situation or conflict, as we recognize that this is so.

     Dr. Richelieu writes:  "When we experience love, it melts away all that appears to obstruct.  It creates a way for us to experience a greater expression of life.  It gives depth and meaning.  It puts joy and rhythm into living.  Without love we seem to stand still and mark time.  We feel heavy and weighted down.  With love, there seems to be a constant surging or pushing up that takes us to new heights of awareness, to new realms of attainment.  With love, we are not afraid to expose ourselves to all forms of love.  Few of us realize that, at times, our only problem is that we have ceased to experience love and share this feeling of goodwill with others.  We ride the surface of things.  We forget to look beneath the surface." ( click here for Dr. Richelieu's affirmation )

     Far too many of us fail to love ourselves because we hold in memory our seeming failures and shortcomings.  But, we are not that person anymore, nor can any experience ever label us except in our mind.  When the Master Mind Jesus told us to "judge not" ... he wasn't just referring to our judgments of others, but to our own self-condemnations as well.  If we really want to freely express our love to others, we must first love ourselves fully and completely.  We must give-up, forgive and forget, all that is behind us, all that is in our past, and know that in this very moment, we have enough love for everyone, including our self.

     The month of February has 28 days, and Valentine's Day is only listed on the calendar as one day, February 14th ... but we don't have to let this notation on a calendar limit our expression of love, or our capacity to celebrate Love every day.  Let's begin right now to "consciously" express love for all 28 days of this month ... after all, whether we were aware of it or not, we have already been doing so ... we just haven't been conscious of it ... we haven't recognized Love's Power, Its Presence, and Its Intelligence consciously. It has been with us every moment ... but we can't receive the full benefit of It, until we recognize It and consciously trust in It ... depend on It ... It is a principle that will never fail us.  Let us do this and begin to expect the most marvelous things to happen for us, through us, now.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi