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Weekly Message To The Masses (February 8, 2004)         

 "Love is like oxygen, You get too much you get too high ... Not enough and you're gonna die  ..." from the song, "Love Is Like Oxygen" by Sweet

        In metaphysics we know that Love Is God and God Is Love; Love is the Creative Principle of Life in all Its forms.  In the Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes writes, "Love points the Way and Law makes the Way possible."  Love Is the Presence of God within us and it is the very Life of us.

Every Good idea is motivated by Love.  Love Is an impulse of the Self-Giving-ness of the Infinite expressing through us and as us.   Love Is always seeking to express Itself creatively.  Behind the great painting is the Love of the artist; behind the fields of grain is the Love of the farmer; behind the birth of a child is the Love of the Creator.  Everything that expresses Good in the Universe is energized into Life by the Power of Love.  Love must be expressed ... for expression is Its nature.

Love is a Spiritual Principle.  Like the oxygen we breathe in and exhale, Love must be given in order to be received.  Think of what would happen if we would breathe in oxygen but refuse to exhale.  In a short time we would be Life-less.  The same Principle is the nature of Love.  If we are only willing to accept Love but not give It ... we will soon find ourselves lacking in Love ... and it will show up in our lives as depression, anxiety, frustration and oftentimes bitterness.  The same applies when we are willing to give ... but refuse to receive.  Love points the Way ... but It must be aligned with Law in order to benefit us ... and the Law is Giving and Receiving .. and cannot be stymied in Its flow.  In other words, we must be willing to give Good in order to receive Good.  We cannot accept what we are unwilling to give ... this would cause Universal Law to be unbalanced.  When we breathe in we are accepting Life ... when we exhale we are giving it back to the Universe ... this natural order of the Law is perfect and precise.

      Many of us have experienced difficulties in Life because we have been unaware of the nature of Love.  We have foolishly thought that our moments of unwillingness to share Love or to be Loving, has no effect on our Life ... but this can never be so ... as I stated above the Law is perfect and precise.  Whatever we give ... the Universe returns to us multiplied abundantly ... what we withhold ... the Universe will do Its perfect work in withholding that from us multiplied abundantly ... the Universe stays in Balance.  The Law is Universal ... and as stated in scripture, "is no respecter of persons."

As we understand that All Is Consciousness ... and All Is Love ... we realize that as we embody in consciousness the Nature of Love ... Love will point the Way ... and our Consciousness will bring us the perfect demonstration of the measure of Love that we are willing to give ... and like oxygen It will energize our Life through Love!


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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