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Sunday, February 11, 2001


        May the Sunshine of Life and Love flood your Soul with joy unspeakable; and bring blessing and healing to every thought and action of your Being.
- from a blessing by Rev. Paul Martin Brunet


         Valentine's Day is only a few days away and it offers us the perfect opportunity to discover more about love and relationships.  Spiritual awareness gives each of us a greater advantage in understanding the spiritual significance of relationships.  As we become attuned to the love within us we can observe it manifest in our experiences with great joy.  A Soul-Mate relationship is truly the perfection of God in Its fullest expression.

Soul-Mate relationships are created in consciousness through spiritual awareness.  In consciousness a soul-mate relationship is caused by the spiritual awareness that God is expressing through each individual and that this relationship has more to do with each other's spiritual journey than it does with the physical attributes of each other.  Each of us demonstrates the relationship that is right and perfect for us at the level of our spiritual awareness.  A genuine soul-mate relationship expresses unconditional love and the two people who are brought together in this God-filled union of souls understand that this is the divine purpose of the relationship.  The relationship evolves and grows into greater spiritual awareness and each support the other as this evolution unfolds.

                   A soul-mate relationship brings with it a feeling of being fully accepted, supported and protected.  This total acceptance frees the individual to expand their self-image as they allow themselves to totally open their heart to honesty with their partner about who they are, what they think, what their experiences have been and what their future aspirations involve. A soul-mate relationship provides protection from the world's judgments and opinions which deepens intimacy and fosters unconditional love.  There cannot be any withholding in a genuine soul-mate relationship as this causes confusion and discord in consciousness.

                     In a soul-mate relationship passion flourishes and is enhanced as the consciousness of One-ness expands with integrity, honesty and mutual self-acceptance.  Unlike typical relationships, passion is enhanced with the aging of the relationship rather than diminishes due to a physical basis only.  A sense of greater beauty in the physical aging of each other represents heightened spiritual recognition of the greater Self within each partner.  

                    Soul-mates grow young together rather than old together as the relationship represents complete giving-ness of one soul to another.  This is Love that is closest to God, a fuller expression of love than most of us have experienced in the past or have evidenced in the relationships of others.  This is a relationship that God has brought together and there is no thought otherwise that contradicts this highest truth.  The future of the relationship is clear because soul-mates do not see an end to their relationship, only a beautiful new beginning each day.  Each and every one of us can experience a soul-mate relationship, whether we are in a relationship now or seeking one, but we must ignore much of the world's beliefs and most of our own opinions and judgments based on our past experiences.  We must be willing to allow the divine impulse within to express Itself through us and get out of the way.  A soul-mate relationship is ours by divine inheritance.  It is a Spiritual Reality - we just have to believe it and then we will see it!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee BatesScP., City of Angels Church                                                                  

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