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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, February 12, 2012 

          "You are a special creation of God, and only in you can God fulfill Himself.  You are a living soul, original and unique, wonderful, and strange. ... Do you think that the wind-tossed, cloud-piled sky is vast and moving?  Your life is no less vast and moving.  Do you think that the sun is splendid and necessary?  You are as splendid.  You are as necessary. ... You are one with the God who fashioned the human soul and made it so wonderful and strange that even you who possess it cannot see its full extent or meaning.  You are one with the God who made life, and made it so interesting that He Himself enjoys the living of it.  As the leaves are a part of the tree, as the sands are a part of the earth, as the cells of your body are a part of you, so you are a part of the Spirit of God."  James Dillet Freeman, Be!

             "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this everyone will know that you follow me, if you love one another." - Jesus, John 13:34-35

As the great Louise Hay reminds us, "if we are willing to change our thinking, we change our life."  It is a simple process, but a process nonetheless.  It often doesn't happen quickly for there are thoughts that we have that we are conscious of and there are thoughts that are so habitually a part of us, that we are unconscious of them.  And, for the most part, the culture in which we live supports so much of our thinking that separates us from each other and in turn separates us from the Spirit of G-d within us.  But, within us is a victorious spirit, and a power to choose that G-d honors in us through Love and Law.  It is up to us to be committed to making the changes that will bring us ever closer in mind, heart and soul, to that which is G-d, or good.

     No one can teach us to be grateful and no one can teach us to "love thy neighbor as thy self" ... both of these arise from the spirit of G-d within our soul.  There are many people who will never experience genuine gratitude or genuine love for their neighbor for they have imprisoned themselves in the beliefs of the world.  For us to try and teach them these things would be a waste of our time and an annoyance to them.  Jesus gave the "commandment" over 2,000 years ago to "love one another" and he said this would be evidence of following his teachings and beliefs.  In this commandment he is instructing his followers to see the Spirit of G-d in everyone ... in other words, love them without conditions or exceptions.  What he meant by this "love thy neighbor as thy self" can be found in the Parable of the Good Samaritan; to love our neighbor, we must first realize that everyone who comes into our experience of life is our neighbor.  And then we must be willing to support them in whatever good they seek to experience or whatever their need may be at the point where we meet them.

     To the Master Mind Jesus this commandment was a call to expand our own consciousness, to realize that whatever we do for others, we do for ourselves.  As Louise Hay so often states, our every thought is an affirmation ... our thought of "indifference" to the needs of others is registered in our own consciousness, and we will realize the consequences of this indifference.  Most likely not from the person who we were indifferent to, but in some aspect of our life we shall experience indifference. 

     When we have the realization that we are one with the G-d who created us, then we shall also realize that everyone is one with G-d, and in the Spirit, we are all connected and subject to Love and Law.  And so to love our neighbor, is truly to love our self in a more deeply meaningful way.  When we have a "deep and abiding love" for our self, we shall seldom be challenged to love our neighbor as our self.  This "loving thy neighbor" has less to do with what we do, but more to do with what we "think" of others. 

     From Dr. Frank Richelieu [The Art of Being Yourself]:  Say to yourself:
       "I no longer seek after love.  I no longer try to love.  I know that Universal Love is within me and is the core of my being.  I do not create it, manufacture it, force it or find it.  The only thing I can do is to realize that love is what I am and what divine Mind [Spirit] is, what others are and what the world is.  I let myself be love in expression today, for this is the natural expression of my being."

     Soon, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day.  It is a day devoted to love and romance, but it can also be a day devoted to "loving thy neighbor as thyself" ... and in doing so, we shall find that the love we feel for our self shall also be enriched and enlivened.  There is not one person reading this message, that when a thought arises within our mind, knows whether it is of G-d or of the world.  If our thought is not one that identifies with love, we can drop it and let the thought of love enter into our mind.  I suggest that we do this especially when thinking about our self.  No one is perfect ... no one ... but we all can be "perfect for a moment" ... and it is love that will give rise to "a perfect you" in those moments that it is important that we be so.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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