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Weekly Message To The Masses (February 15, 2004)         

 "I may have the gift of prophecy, know every hidden truth, I may have faith strong enough to move mountains, but if I have not love, I am nothing...And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love." 
 - The Bible: Corinthians 13:2, 13
      Substitute the word Love for God and we are closer in our understanding of the nature of God.  Love is the God-in-me and the God-in-you.  Love Is the Presence of the Presence.  This is the way in which the Creator created us.  There is not one person on the planet who was not created without Love Be-ing Present within them.

    Now, some of you will say, "what about so-and-so .. are you going to tell me that Love Is within them too?"  Yes, it is true ... no matter who the so-and-so may be ... Love Is within them too.  They may not know it ...and we may not always be conscious of it ourselves ... but Love Is always Present within us.

    Many of us have had experiences that create depression or feelings of inferiority.  We may have been told by others that we are unworthy ... or we have been rejected ... perhaps many times.  But none of this is the Truth about us.  And many of us may have a very low opinion of ourselves ... for whatever reason.  But even our self cannot diminish the Love that resides within us.  Even in our most trying moments ... in the midst of our misery and in the midst of our despair ... Love Is Present.

    How can this be?  To understand that this is the Truth of us, we can do as Jesus did ... we can look at nature.  When a rose bush starts growing it looks kind of scraggly and the thorns start growing right away ... we can think of this as a work in progress.  As it continues to grow, buds begin to appear ... and lastly the rose buds begin to bloom and fill the bush with not only beautiful roses but a beautiful scent as well.  If we look at ourselves in a similar way ... the scraggly bush is our years which were sometimes filled with confusion and with seemingly no direction.  The buds are the indicator that there is something within us that is greater than what we first appeared to be.  The roses are the completion ... beautiful, magnificent and wonderful.  This is the same beauty, magnificence and wonder that is within each of us ... this is Love.

   As with the rose ... we are a work in progress.  Love Is always moving through us as the impulse to be more wonderful, more magnificent than we have been before.  The thorns of the rose lose their significance once the buds spring into blossoms.  Our thorns are our bitterness, resentments, envies and rejections.  As Love continues with Its work in progress ... and we begin to blossom with greater love, joy and harmony in our lives ... all the things that created the thorns in our Life fade away into the nothingness.  Love Is changeless, you see, but that which is not of Love .. can change and fade away.  We don't have to make them go away ... and we must not be afraid of the process ... all we must do is recognize that in us ... Love is doing a work in progress. 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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