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Weekly Message for Sunday, February 16, 2003

                                                          One of the most overlooked statements of the Master Mind Jesus, is the statement He made to Pilate prior to over-coming the crucifixtion.  It is a very important statement ... one that can change our lives .. if we understand it and consciously use it.  Pilate asked, "Why are you here?" ... and Jesus replied, "I am here to testify to the Truth."  As we know, most of what the Master Teacher said was subjective ... in other words, He was speaking for All of us ... each and every one of us is here to testify to the Truth.  

           The Greatest Truth that Jesus and all the Great Mystics taught was that GOD IS LOVE.  Not only is God Love ... but all that God expresses Is Love .. every action of the Universe Is Love expressing.... ever-lasting and automatically ... there is no spot where God Is not ... so there is no spot where Love Is not.  It is very simple .... but most of us have made it very complex.

          As we go through our daily lives, each of us is given many opportunities to "testify to the Truth."  But often .... we don't ... we allow ourselves to participate in the dramas of the world.  Most often we do not do this in any malicious way or with any intention of wrong doing ... it is just so commonplace and so habitual that it is easy to do.... and many times we do it because we are intimidated by other people and so we just go along with the program ... especially if the drama is perpetuated by our teachers or bosses or people we feel "inferior" to.  But in Truth, our participation in drama .... makes us One with it ... in other words, those clever words of innuendo or gossip ... becomes the tendency of our thought and eventually ... we get to have our own drama.  Ah ... but I didn't mean any harm .. we might say ... or I didn't do it myself, so why should I suffer?  Why?  Because we "agreed" with it ... by standing by and letting it continue ... by supporting it by our passivity.  To make it even easier to understand we can look at an old cliché, "if you lay with dogs you get fleas" .... it is just the way it is.

         Dr. Bitzer wrote in his "Collected Essays," that we must be careful where we take our consciousness.  Arrogance ... gossip .. innuendo ... resentments ... competitiveness ... all have very subtle effects on the subconscious mind ... but they will create beliefs and concepts that keep us from cultivating a consciousness of happiness, love and success .. and hold us in bondage to limitation.

        What can we do to keep out of this "quicksand of the mind?"  We can follow the statement of the Master Teacher Jesus and begin to stand firm in "testifying to the Truth."  Fill our mind with higher thoughts of ourselves and of everyone around us. 
Be like Dr. O. C. Smith and begin to see everyone as more wonderful than they see themselves ... love everyone more than we ever have before.... see the Truth in them .. not their actions, behaviors and conditions... see the Love ... "love everybody and adore some, "  Dr. O. C. used to say ... make Love our Decision in All Things and with All People ... always.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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