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Sunday, February 17, 2002
"When you change your heart, you change your life."
- from "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green

                   Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  As we become more aware of the spiritual nature of Love, we can begin to experience more of Love, in all its perfect expressions, in our lives.  Just about every form of literature and creative expression has used Love as a subject.  Love, for most people continues to be mysterious and to some elusive.  All of us have experienced Love, from parents, siblings, teachers, friends, spouses and lovers.  For most of us these experiences have influenced us greatly.  Some of us have experienced Love without understanding and having the awareness of how it would influence our life experiences.  This came from early marriages or relationships when we were unprepared to fully realize the great value of Love; of giving Love and being Loved.  For most of us this unprepared-ness was a result of our not understanding consciousness.

The great Charles Fillmore wrote that the heart is the subconscious of man.  Most of us realize that our reactions, emotions and deeply held beliefs are held in our subconscious and therefore our heart.  Many of us have had the very same or similar experiences in life, especially concerning Love, but our feelings or emotions about the experience were very different.  Therefore what we hold in our heart or our subconscious mind, is very different.  The subconscious or the heart, demonstrates in our experiences that which it accepts as truth.  Dr. Joseph Murphy in the "Power of Your Subconscious Mind," gave many examples of how the subconscious works.  All to often we are not conscious of what we hold in our subconscious until something negative manifests in our experience.

                             In Glenda Green's book, "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" Jesus makes the statement, "when you change your heart, you change your life."  In other words, when we change the feelings about the experiences we have had, release the past hurts, disappointments, feelings of inferiority, and open our mind to behold infinity and move in mind away from the limitations of personal experience, we release the negative and "change our heart, thereby changing our life."  This is the Truth, for as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "Love is your true self, which springs forth from God, the indefinable everlasting fountain of existence." 

                         Also, from "Love Without End, Jesus Speaks" -  "My Father's universe is infinite and infinitely abundant. By beholding and believing in this the mind can then work in a direct and proper way to bring abundance. If given a positive impulse the mind works properly. If given a negative impulse, the mind works in reverse. That is its logic. Just behold infinity. Behold, and be in awe of the infinite everlasting creation."

"Consider the lilies of the field. They do not labor or spin, yet I tell you not even Solomon in all his splendor was arrayed like one of these. Behold infinity every day and all that you seek shall be given you."

                   And from I Corinthians, Chapter 13:  "when that which is perfect comes (change of heart), that which is imperfect comes to an end."  Why? ......... because "Perfect Love casts our fear."

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates