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Sunday, February 18, 2001

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Don't Take Things Personally

Don't Make Assumptions

Always Do Your Best


         The Four Agreements like the teachings of Jesus are very simple at first glance, but like Jesus, don Miguel Ruiz makes these statements in the subjective.  This is true mysticism and it would be impossible and unfair to examine this book without personally meeting and discussing the insight behind the statements with the author.  The written word cannot express the feeling and the sense of Love that don Miguel expresses in person.  In a discussion I had with other ministers who attended the don Miguel Ruiz seminar at City of Angels Church last week, each of us were amazed at the differences in our ideas about these agreements before the seminar and after.  don Miguel is truly a beautiful spirit who teaches from his soul as he gives so freely to the audience.  I sat with him on the panel at City of Angels, and I could feel the love and warmth of this man even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people.  His voice and manner magnetizes your attention.  His teaching is truly a gift from the One Infinite Soul.

                    Be Impeccable With Your Word:  This is the most important of the Four Agreements and this is nothing new to either students of the teachings of Jesus or other metaphysical teachings.  We know the Word is the most powerful tool we have as humans and we must be consistent with the Truth.  Every word we speak is powerful, not just the words we use in prayer.  If we lack integrity with the words we speak this lack of integrity will carry over into our prayer life.  We must make a demand upon ourselves to always be in Truth no matter how uncomfortable it may make us.  We then, automatically, find greater freedom in our life.  don Miguel often quoted statements from Jesus during his message and it was obvious that he is attuned to the subjective message that Jesus gave.  The Word can either free us or enslave us and once again the message is so clear to Science of Mind students, however, don Miguel inspired me to go even deeper in my understanding of this power.  Whatever words we use, either for or against ourselves or for or against others, have power and generate energy that works through the Law of Cause and Effect.  Don't believe people, don't even believe yourself, BELIEVE GOD.  Believe that you are created in the image and likeness of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Power and Freedom and "choose" only to speak and accept words that speak to the highest thought of yourself and all others.  We must forgive ourselves for not believing the highest and greatest thoughts of ourselves and we must forgive ourselves for denying God and accepting and using words that diminish us and others.  We are beautiful, we are Love, because we are expressing God - what else could we be?  LET THE HOLY SPIRIT EXPRESS ITSELF THROUGH YOUR WORDS!

                     For adults, negative statements are more easily removed from our consciousness.  Don't Take Things Personally:  especially negative statements.  This is common sense, but we must be careful to stay out of ego with this one for no one escapes the Law of Cause and Effect.  God does not come to us in the negative, only as Love.  Children may not have arrived at this understanding, but as don Miguel stated, we are no longer children.  He tells us we must forgive, just as Jesus did.  Forgive everyone and everything, including our cats and dogs because we let everything abuse us in one way or another through our limited thinking.  And then, we must forgive ourselves, because we abuse ourselves by not believing how truly magnificent and beautiful we are.  We are God in expression, perfect, whole and complete.

                    Don't Make Assumptions:  The problem with making assumptions is that we believe them as the truth, we act on them, we emotionalize them, make judgments and opinions based on them and we stubbornly cling to them even in the face of truth.  We must have the courage to "ask" what each other means, and the courage to say what we really mean.  We must never deny or fear the Truth and we must strive to seek the Truth in all things.  The Truth frees us to live joyously with peace of mind.  Assumptions are emotional poison.  They poison us, those we love and those who love us.

                     Always Do Your Best:  This agreement makes all the other three possible.  Although our best is always changing, we must continually strive to do our best.  I asked don Miguel how we can keep these agreements and he was very candid in stating that we must each find our own way.  In Science of Mind, we use Scientific Prayer, meditation and contemplation.  I personally don't see how it would be possible to do so otherwise.  Our human will does not have the strength to battle the race consciousness and world beliefs that attempt to abuse and victimize us.  We must turn to God and away from the world's influences.

                     I applaud the success of don Miguel Ruiz.  This book will reach hundreds of thousands of people who will find greater spiritual enrichment because of it.  Even for Science of Mind students and teachers, it is a wonderful reminder of what we know and what we must practice persistently.  The mysticism of these wonderful agreements will not be fully realized by the typical reader without attending a don Miguel Ruiz seminar and I would encourage anyone who feels guided to discover more of the Wisdom of the Toltecs to do so.  As for don Miguel Ruiz, God bless You and thank you!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
P., City of Angels Church