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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (February 20, 2005)         

        Love is the most natural feeling we can ever have.  Whatever we do that originates from the Love within us, will always move us into a greater awareness of God.  So often we look at Love in fragments and we do not realize how powerful it is.  Every act of kindness, generosity or giving of any kind, is an act of Love.  All of these countless acts multiply into our consciousness and create an even more expansive capacity for Love within us.

         So many people have come to me for help when they have lost someone they love, either through a break-up in a relationship, a divorce, or have chosen themselves to end a relationship for various reasons with someone they continue to love.  And for most, all these are accompanied with a sense of loss ... a feeling of being separated from Love.  And for many of us this has happened more than once in our life.  These feelings can be devastating to our emotional well being ... and our other affairs as well.  If we continue to hold onto the feelings of "loss" ... we will increase our losses and this sense of loss can create possibilities of loss in our employment, our finances and our health.  It is not unusual for people who have endured long periods of a sustained sense of loss to find their life beginning to "fall apart."  This is the Law of Mind working with precision ... if I believe I have a "loss" ... it will give me validation of my belief ... wherever the opportunity exists.

It is a widely held belief that this emotional sense of loss is felt mostly by women.  But, from my experience in responding to prayer requests and requests for spiritual counseling, I can assure you that men suffer through the same experience.  Love knows no gender ... at any level but the most primal human level ... at the spiritual or soul level ... there is no distinction in the feeling senses between male and female.  Often men will suppress these feelings until there appears to be a desperation experience ... and women will do the same.

        How we deal with these issues spiritually is the same as we deal with any issue of seeming loss ... we must turn to the Truth.  It is the only thing that can stop us from allowing the experience to make such an indelible imprint on our subconscious that we may have to go through the experience numerous times before we heal it.  Willpower will not do it ... willpower will only repress the feelings ... not heal them.  Psychology cannot do it either ... it can only teach us to live with it ... not heal it.  It is our spirit that must be healed and only Spirit can do it ... and It does it through Love.

Love heals and nothing else can.  We must love the situation ... and we must love everyone involved in it ... even when it involves a third-party.  On a human level is can be challenging ... but it can be done and must be done.  "Turn the other cheek," the Master Mind Jesus told us.  In other words, change your mind about the situation ... desire to see it as God sees it ... a miniscule moment in time ... see the situation healed ... and it will be healed.  Dwelling on loss ... or hurt ... or rejection ... can and often times does, lead us to separate ourselves from God and therefore our Good.  We must remember that we are God-aware ... that we depend on Principle ... not person, place or thing ... and it is this depending on Principle that will assure us that we are moving into a greater experience of Life, Love and immeasurable happiness.

      In effect what we are doing is "making love out of nothing" on a human or physical level of Life.  But, on the spiritual level of Life we are multiplying the measure of love that we are to enjoy and experience in a dynamic way.  In the moment of turning from the "experience" and connecting with God or our Higher Self in a greater way ... we are moving to an enduring and lasting point in consciousness that is filled with greater self-assurance, confidence and a higher level of self-esteem and worthiness ... and in turn our making love out of nothing ... is the finding of Love ever-lasting within us. 

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi