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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for February 21, 2010 

                   "People work so hard to bring health to their bodies; to bring prosperity, to bring happiness, to bring success into their lives; to bring artistic or literary gifts or talents within their grasp, to bring great new ideas from the outside; and, of course, they continually fail, because we cannot "bring" a single one of these things from the without to the within.  The actual development is just the very reverse - they have to be released from the within that they may appear on the without.  In short, we have not to build on from the outside; our task, as Browning says, is "to set free the imprisoned splendor."  Emmet Fox, Your Heart's Desire

Dr. Joseph Murphy has stated over and over again in his writings that the sub-conscious mind is not influenced by idle words or statements, but by what we really feel to be true; our dominant idea or belief.  He has written that the sub-conscious mind is represented by the heart, the storehouse of our feelings about our life experiences.  Also referred to as subjective mind, the sub-conscious is not influenced by what appears in the physical, but by our intuition and thoughts about what appears in the physical.  And this is never more true than when it comes to expressing love.  The words in Ernest Holmes' spiritual treatment are mighty and marvelous, but we must clear our sub-conscious of all that contradicts them for us to receive the full benefit from them.  And ... we must believe them to be true.

     In the book, "A New Design for Living" written by Ernest Holmes and Willis Kinnear, the authors write:  "The action of love in and through us must be universal in all of our experience.  We cannot love in one direction and hate in another.  Once we cut ourselves off from the beneficial action of love in any respect we cut ourselves off in every respect.  We cannot survive by liking the Joneses that live to the east of us and not the Browns to the west.  We have to include both.  This does not mean that everyone has to be very intimate and chummy, but that we cannot afford to have dislike and hatred gnawing at our minds and bodies.  It is just plain common sense."

     If we have stronger feelings about those we dislike compared to the feelings about those we like, hate becomes our dominant thought and becomes dominant in our sub-conscious mind.  If not corrected, we will even find fault with those we like as our dominant thought of dislike will bring forth criticism and ill feelings.  And as we know that there is mind-body connection, our physical health will also be diminished.

     This duality of thought is not limited to those who lack spirituality or religion, as many of those who consider themselves spiritual or religious continue to foster and nurture both likes and dislikes ... even hate.  Those who hate will never consider that their hatred is poisoning their own sub-conscious mind and creating barriers to happiness, health, friendliness, kindness, generosity and love.  The News Media this week reported that Elton John gave an interview to Parade magazine in which he gave his opinion about Jesus: "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems," John told the Sunday supplement. "On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don't know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East -- you're as good as dead."

     As I read the "reader comments" on the online news sites, I was amazed at the number of people who stated they were Christian that wrote grossly negative comments directed at Elton John.  Even a few people who stated that they weren't religious slammed him nonetheless.  Were they justified?  No.  Did they believe they were justified? ... probably.  Yet, Elton John was only stating his "opinion" ... and one that, to him, was not negative in the least.  Were these readers validating the teachings of Jesus? ... no.  Were they validating the automatic action of the sub-conscious mind? ... yes.  A sub-conscious filled with love and all the qualities that are a part of love, would not react to these words from Elton John with hate, no matter how much someone may disagree with him.  There would be an understanding that from his perspective these words did not diminish Jesus in any way ... he has a right to his opinion, even if it differs from our own.  Love is always generous in Its understanding and compassion ... judgment comes from fear, fear of being wrong or fear of facing up to something that makes us uncomfortable.

     We can become aware of the dominant ideas and beliefs contained in our sub-conscious mind by paying attention to our reactions to the people and things that come to our awareness.  Are we friendlier to the people we admire than we are to those who we don't?  Do we see both inferior and superior classes of people in our minds?  Are we friendly to waiters? ... to the policeman or policewoman that gives us a ticket?   Do we treat everyone with respect no matter what race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or language they may speak?  Do we act and react with patience and kindness even when we are having a "bad-hair day"?  Just kidding about the "bad-hair" but we all know what I mean.  These are important questions for us to ask ourselves, and no one else can answer them for us.  There is a principle involved in this:  "Love G-d and love your neighbor as your self" ... in other words, we must love the Divine in everyone we meet and love our earthbound conditions, the things we have and the world in which we live.

     Every person we meet is part of the Divine ... we must consciously recognize this.  There is a part of G-d in all of us ... no matter what our earth-bound experience may appear to be.  Our sub-conscious will only express love to the measure that we make It the dominant thought and idea in all things and in all ways.  As Ernest Holmes writes:  "
All the good I can embody is now mine.  I have only to open the portals of my soul and accept that which is ready to express through me." ... but we won't believe this is true, unless our sub-conscious is free of dislikes and hate.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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