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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, February 24, 2013 

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            Very few people in the world would deny that our thoughts and words about a thing generates an energy; sometimes excitement, sometimes sadness, sometimes fear, sometimes shock, and sometimes dullness.  But, an energy nonetheless.  And yet so few people realize that they can control this level of energy and direct it towards that which they want to experience.  One person may see the snow fall outside and begin to worry about driving to work or concerned about being homebound and unable to go anywhere.  Yet, someone else may be very excited about the beauty of the snow as it covers the ground with its beauty and hope there will be enough snow to build a snowman.  Shakespeare wrote that "nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so," and this is the truth about everything that comes to our attention.

           "In building prosperity you may think that you have to deal with two forces:  You may think that you have to attract good things and do away with bad things.  That is not true.  You know that if you were cold you would not have to work with both heat and cold in order to get warm.  You would only have to light a fire and the cold would disappear.  Cold is merely the absence of heat.  To get warm you would give attention to the heat and ignore the cold.  ... When you understand that poverty and prosperity are not two things, but are two sides of one thing, you will find it easier to get prosperity; you will not worry at all about unfavorable conditions; you will work with the attractive side - attractive in every sense of the word - and the other side will disappear. ... Make your method of living not a manipulating of two powers, good and evil, right and wrong, poverty and prosperity, but make it a simple following of one law, the law of good, and know that "as he [man] thinketh within himself, so is he."  Such dwelling on the good alone will bring good to you and will cause this good to increase daily." - Ruthanna Schenck, Be Ye Prospered (1928)

      Too often we give up on a thing before we even have it fully thought out in our mind.  People will affirm prosperity and success with enthusiasm for a few days or a week, but fail to go within their mind and personalize the prosperity and success that they desire for themselves.  The world is full of prosperous and successful people.  It is up to us to make prosperity and success personal to us.  And we do this within our own mind, always.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus informed us that "the kingdom of God is within you" ... but are we seeing ourselves in this "kingdom of Good" or are we still "feeling" separate and apart from the good that we seek to experience?  

     We have all heard "God wants you to be rich" from self-help gurus and prosperity preachers.  And this makes many people "feel good" as they continue to get along with what they have always had to get along with.  The truth is, G-d doesn't want us to be anything but that which we choose to be.  Whether we are rich or poor, failures or successes, is nothing to G-d.  God responds to us by corresponding to that which we believe to be true for us.  Jesus was giving us insight into an eternal and universal spiritual law when he said, "pray believing that you have" ... because we can't be it, if we can't see it.  That is, seeing ourselves "personally" experiencing that which we desire to experience.  It is that simple.

      From "By Ye Prospered" - "When the atmosphere is charged with prospering thoughts, prosperity abounds and seeming losses have no power to do harm.  An atmosphere of prosperity is produced by healthy thoughts about prosperity.  That trend of thought keeps people from failing even when appearances are against them.  On the other hand, even when a person's works are good they have little chance for permanent success so long as they keep their thought atmosphere charged with poverty thoughts.  If you wish to be successful, your first concern is to keep your atmosphere charged with thoughts of success and plenty. ... If you will hold big expectations, without fear of being disappointed, and use and appreciate what you already have, you will experience big realizations.  That is why "nothing succeeds like success." 

      There are those who will say "we don't get what we want, we get what we expect" ... but this is only a half-truth.  We get what we consistently and persistently direct our thought and word energies toward.  If we "expect wealth" it is because we have nurtured and fostered in our mind images and thoughts of wealth, giving them full-force of our faith, and we put our "consciousness on surveillance" so that we don't deny in words ... those images and thoughts of wealth that we have established in our mind.  If we are willing to do the mental and imaginative work necessary, we can expect wealth ... and we can surpass our expectations abundantly.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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