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Sunday, February 25, 2001


         "sometimes you're the slugger baby ....sometimes you're the ball....sometimes it all comes together baby ..... sometimes you're gonna  lose it all......gotta' know happy .... gotta' know glad ..cause you're gonna' know lonely and you're gonna' know sad.." goes the lyrics to the bouncy Country Western song, "The Bug," by Mary Chapin Carpenter.  This song states the human experience as most of us know it.  Most of us either now believe or have believed that this is the truth about life.  But it's not.  It is only what we have believed and so our beliefs created a life like a roller coaster out of control.   But, we can do the work that changes these beliefs and create a Life filled with enthusiasm, adventure and joy, and leave the "bugs" behind.

                  In the Science of Mind textbook there is a sub-chapter heading on page 32, "Learning to Trust Will Make Us Happy."  LEARNING TO TRUST IS THE ONLY THING - THAT WILL MAKE US HAPPY.  As long as we see our Life subject to the ups and downs of the world experience, true happiness will be  illusive to us.  As we learn to trust the Universe, trust God, happiness and all good things are ours.  "Seek ye first the Kingdom and all things shall be added unto you."  All things are added when our mind is stayed on God, on Good, All things.  We must "look up" and rise in consciousness above our past and present experiences that do not bring us happiness and joy.  If we seek peace and freedom, love and strength, we will only get these things from that which Is these things - God.  Nothing, no thing and nobody can give these to us but our Trust in the Universe, in God.  Don't trust what we can see.  Don't trust what we can hear and don't trust what we can taste and feel - Trust God.  Create a conviction within your consciousness that GOD IS EXPRESSING FULLY  AND COMPLETELY IN YOUR LIFE, RIGHT NOW, THIS MOMENT.  State with dominion and authority that I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE PRESENCE - ALWAYS - AT ALL TIMES - THIS IS THE TRUTH!  As this is the Truth, we are not subject to loneliness, poverty, illness or discord in our Life.  So, we can reject it for the lie that it is and claim our Divine Inheritance which IS PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, STRENGTH, DOMINION AND AUTHORITY OVER ALL THINGS THAT CONCERN US!

                     How do we get to this level of Trust in the Universe?  We fill our Life with a conviction of Love for God and a conviction that God Loves us.  If we truly Love God, then we will spend time with God, in prayer, in meditation, reading about God in spiritual literature and the Bible.  We will not let one morning pass that we do not recognize God in our Life and give time to God in contemplation and prayer.  We will never go to sleep without first giving time to God in meditation and prayer.  We will thank God, praise the Life that we have been given, each and every day.  We will not "look" at what God has already given us, but see all that and more as already ours and give thanks for it.   Faith affirms God As Good.  Fear denies God, denies the Good that is ours.  As we embody  a Trust so complete in our consciousness of our Invisible Good that Is awaiting our acceptance, we become an open channel of giving and receiving as a complete and perfect expression of God.  Our conviction that there Is Good for us, to share and to spare, will demonstrate God As our Supply with grace and ease.  We, then, can turn to God in quiet confidence and accept every Good thing we desire, Knowing and Trusting that it is God's desire for us to have it.

                 LEARNING TO TRUST MAKES US HAPPY!  Being the windshield or the bug makes little difference as long as we KNOW GOD IS RIGHT WHERE WE ARE!

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
RScP., City of Angels Church