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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for February 26, 2017
           To realize spiritual power we must have the consciousness of our union with the Spirit of G-d and the availability of the good that we desire to experience.  The Intelligence and Power of the Spirit is accessible to all people but we have to believe that this is true.  Far too many people continue to hold in their mind that some people have greater access to G-d than others.  The access to the nature of Spirit is not gained by being pious but by seeking.  “Seek and you shall find” the Master Mind Jesus instructed and this seeking is not dependent on anything other than an authentic desire to realize our unity with the One; that is, the One Mind, One Spirit, One Intelligence, One Power that we call G-d.

         To approach G-d in spirit and in truth is to approach G-d in a “childlike manner”; that is without the preconceptions/opinions learned from the world.  To open our mind to G-d with “wonder” and “fascination.”  The late, great Rev Ike taught that there is power in fascination.  And I believe he was right.  Whenever we are fascinated with something we loose preconceived thoughts from our mind.

       The American mystic Ernest Holmes talked at length about this “Spiritual Power” throughout his years of ministry.  He told his audience; “B
y Spiritual Power I mean a dynamic something which is intelligent, conscious of what it is doing and able to do it without any external aid. We think of physical energy in terms of horsepower or the ability to lift a weight a certain number of feet from the earth. Let us think of Spiritual Power not as contradicting physical power, but as being more subtle. There must be spiritual power which does not contradict the physical, but is the parent of it --- being the greater, it must include the lesser. 
            Intuitively we feel the necessity of Something greater than we are, Something upon which we may rely with certainty. We need spiritual power even more than we need physical power. We need both and we have both. But having great physical energy at our command has not satisfied us. Consequently, we see an interesting thing going on in the world -- many of our scientists are becoming philosophers endeavoring to determine the relationship of their own science to the larger meaning of life. One of the world's greatest psychologists says that after thirty years spent in analyzing the subjective thought of educated people from every part of the world he has found, in the case of people over thirty-five years of age, that almost without exception the neurosis is caused by the lack of a true religious perception. He is not speaking as the theologian, but as a scientist and a physician, when he states that in no case has there been a permanent healing without the restoration of some type of religious faith.
              His conclusions have nothing to do with any particular creed, doctrine or dogma. He is speaking of the
essence of a true religious conviction which relates neither to Catholic nor Protestant, Jew nor Gentile. It means an inner conviction which is truly spiritual, no matter what outward form of worship it takes. Religion is a reaction to humanity's spiritual inquiry, the outward form of an inner conviction. But all through the ages those who have been truly spiritual, no matter what outward form their conviction took, have had this in common; they have believed in something greater than they were, and a something which responded to them. This belief is the very basis of spiritual power; it is the fundamental principle of every religion. We do not need to discuss the merits or demerits of other people's religions.”

          Dr. Holmes is telling us that those with spiritual understanding; some may say those with an enlightened mind, know that there is Something beyond our human capacity to conceive that responds by corresponding to that which we believe to be true for us.  This is not something new or unique to Dr. Holmes but rather this secret of spiritual power has been realized by people throughout history.
          Since our ability to know is G-d in us, it must follow that thought is creative. "The words I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life." The Master Mind Jesus did not say these words are going to stir up the pity of G-d; he said, "These words," and then he sent out his word which healed. When thought knows, understands and embodies the Spirit, it becomes and is Spirit, and Spirit is power. This is the secret of spiritual power. Spiritual healing is not willing, wishing, beseeching, nor repeating a lot of formulas. It is the result of a dawning perception of Spirit, incarnated in the one needing help. When the illusion of opposites disappears from our mental perception and we come to realize that we are whole, we shall be made whole.  

     Dr. Holmes tells us:  We should spontaneously look to that which is greater than we are and yet of which we are a part: that which is greater than the personal I, but which is forever flowing through the personal I. The personal word has power because spirit is power.”

           I love these words from the great American Healer Phineas Parkhurst Quimby:  What does Jesus Himself say of this power? He admitted it, for He says, "of myself 1 can do nothing," thus admitting a power superior to Himself; and also when asked a question by His disciples, He said, "No man knoweth, not the angels in heaven, but the Spirit only." At another time when asked by a scribe who had been listening to Jesus, while He reasoned with a Sadducee, "What is the first commandment of all?" Jesus answered "The first commandment is Hear, Oh, Israel, the Lord our G-d is one Lord." Here He admits a supreme power, and says, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy G-d with all thy heart, and equally important love thy neighbor as thyself."  

These words of the Master Mind Jesus are powerful in that they put the expression of spiritual power back to the consciousness of the individual.  To love G-d means to give our attention to G-d and to love our neighbor means to love the conditions in which we live … here and now.  If we can see in our mind a greater life still but also hold in our heart a love for Life Itself wholly and completely, then we shall express a power that is beyond what most people can conceive of.   

          Emerson said, "Let us not say God was, but is: not G-d spoke, but speaks." 
And most importantly, let us know that when we speak our word from the highest thought we can have of our union with the Spirit of G-d that there is a corresponding action … even though perhaps invisible to the human eye.  This is realizing Spiritual Power.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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