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Weekly Message To The Masses (February 29, 2004)         

       Before Mel Gibson throws us all back to the dark ages in regards to Jesus, I am going to share what I know about the Radical Rabbi and a couple of other "rebels" that I admire.  Now, this won't be as dramatic as Mel's 100 minutes of graphic images of violence and bloodshed in "The Passion of the Christ" ... but, I believe it will be enlightening.

       Jesus was a Master Mind and the only way we can look at His ministry is to perceive it intelligently.  Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Religious Science and the author of "The Science of Mind," had a greater respect and love for Jesus than any other of the Great Mystics.  Dr. Holmes wrote of Religious Science, "this teaching is not worth a dime unless we demonstrate it."  And that is why Jesus is so important to the world ... He demonstrated His teaching ... He did not parrot the words of others who came before Him ... He demonstrated His teaching and the teachings of all the Great Ones who came before Him.

      Life would have been a lot easier for Jesus had He followed the leaders of His time ... but He didn't ... and did the masses love Him for it? .... No.  They said He was vile and blasphemous ... He had to be very clever with what He said and where He went because they were out to get Him!  Why?  Because He said "you know every letter of the Law but you have no Love in your hearts!"  In other words, He continually called them on their "stuff."  He knew that their religion was about rules and regulations ... more concerned with accepted customs than any real spiritual connection with God.  He looked at their religion intelligently and understood that they had created "God in Man's Image" ... rather than understanding that man/woman is created in the image of God.  Their god was out in the clouds somewhere with a rule book and a list of our good deeds and our evil deeds ... but Jesus taught that "the Father and I are One."  This "I" within each of us ... Is God ... and He demonstrated that this is the Truth.  This is why Dr. Ernest Holmes admired Jesus so much ... because Jesus made the demonstration of Truth over and over again.  His miracle was not turning water into wine ... or healing the man's withered arm ... His miracle was that He didn't do what everybody else did ... He let God work  through Him ... because He knew that God would because "the Father and I are One."

       Dr. Ernest Holmes, was a rebel too ... like Jesus .. He turned from the world's idea of religion and turned to God ... and in turning to God, He realized that what Jesus taught was the Truth ... the Truth that we can all demonstrate to the level of our awareness of the Truth.  Jesus stated, "you will know the Truth .. and the Truth will set you free."  But the Truth cannot set anyone free unless we "know the Truth."  Which is why Dr. Holmes wrote "The Science of Mind" ... an intelligent philosophy that gleaned the Truth from the world's religions ... with 84 pages devoted to Jesus and the Teachings from the New Testament.  In 1926 when the "Science of Mind" was published ... Dr. Holmes was considered radical ... anti-Jesus and anti-Christian ... lacking in moral turpitude.

       And why is it that so many of us struggle to demonstrate the Truth ... and I do not mean to the level that Jesus did ... I think it is because we are so afraid to be perceived as different ... to be willing to stand up for the Truth and let the world around us be against us.  This week another "rebel" has come to my attention ... he is a little like Jesus ... and a lot like Dr. Holmes, he is the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom.  He is taking a stand that could be the end of his political career ... but he is standing up for something that he knows is the "right thing to do" ... the Truth about Life, actually ... and I applaud him and the many others in this world who stand up for justice, integrity and Truth.  The Master Mind Jesus commanded us to "be in the world but not of the world" for He knew that the world's ways oftentimes denied the very God that they profess to love and have faith in.  If we keep thinking the way the world thinks ... doing what the world does ... we will only experience more of what the world has experienced.  Jesus, Dr. Holmes and Mayor Gavin Newsom took a stand for justice, liberty and freedom for all ... and we can too ... and when we do  ... God will always be with us!

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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