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Weekly Message for Sunday, March 2, 2003

                     Religious Science, like the Teachings Of Jesus, calls us to "think" .. to examine our beliefs and to "correct" the beliefs and concepts in our consciousness that do not serve the highest and greatest Good.  We are not sheep ... we are the species that "thinks."  This is why the Master Mind Jesus stated "it is done unto you as you believe."  Not to shift the blame from the world to the individual, but understanding that this is the Universal Law .. immutable and unchangeable ... and either we understand it ... or we remain victims of beliefs in powers other than God .. or Good.  Our current efforts regarding Peace is a good example of consciousness versus human effort.

              All our e-mails and all our prayers for Peace .. must be affirmations that "Peace Is," otherwise we are participating in the "lie" that somehow there is a
place where God leaves off .. and something else is Present ... either we have a conviction of Omnipresence and Omnipotence or we don't.... if we don't it's okay ... we can continue to attempt to change the changeless and join the masses in their pursuit of that which already Is... this won't bring about Peace ... only perhaps a temporary evidence of it ... in order to have permanent peace the consciousness that believes that Peace is not ... must change in the minds of the masses ... including the hundreds of sincere but misguided metaphysicians.

            I receive so many e-mail messages with "God Bless America" and "United We Stand" and asking for prayers and protests for Peace ... for America.  There is no God that answers a "selfish prayer."  The Infinite Good that God Is, is for everyone ... regardless of nationality or human-made boundaries.   The same God that Indwells me, Indwells Saddam Hussein and George Bush ... the United States, Iraq and the entire Universe .. Saddam and George may not "recognize" it in the same way ... but it is the Truth for them nonetheless.  My affirmation that "Peace Is" is in "agreement with God" .... as long as I am affirming Peace for All .. everyone and everywhere Present ... for God Indwells All or no-one.  This is Universal Truth ... and I can "affirm" this Truth ... and see the evidence of It ... affirming half-truths ..... bring me evidence of confusion and half-truths.

          Who but the selfish-minded would "expect" God to give them something while withholding the same from someone else?  In scripture we can read, "He knows no iniquity," in other words .... God is deaf to our selfish prayers .... in reality, if we ask for Good while maintaining a consciousness of "separation and withholding" from someone or anyone ... it is our consciousness that demonstrates the evidence of confusion .. depression .. and fear.

Unless and until Peace is experienced globally ... there will always be fear in our consciousness that Peace cannot be a reality.  Our great effort and call to service is to "affirm Peace" ... agree with God that "Peace Is" ... and allow this "Divine Agreement" to demonstrate Itself .... in the right and perfect time ... for everyone ... everywhere.  As we find Peace within ourselves ... we will "see" more evidence of it in the world in which we live.... this is the Truth .. and a true Spiritual Revolution.


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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