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Sunday, March 4, 2001


         The Destructive Use of the Law:  Someone may say, "I cannot imagine God not caring."  I cannot either, but we are dealing with Law.  Does the law of electricity care whether it cooks the dinner or burns the house?  Whether it electrocutes a criminal or warms a saint?  Of course, it does not.  Does the Urge which impels people to express, care whether a man kneels in ecstasy or lies drunk in the gutter?  We are dealing with Law, and it follows that since we are dealing with Law, It will ultimately bring back to us the result of the forces which we set in motion through it.

                  Consequently, no person who is enlightened would seek to use this Law destructively, for he would know that, sooner or later, the very power set in motion by himself would ultimately destroy him.  "All they that take the sword shall perish by the sword."  The Spirit of Christ is the spirit which constructively uses the Law.  The spirit of the Antichrist is the destructive use of the Law.  The Spirit of Christ, being in line with the Cosmic Life, will always transcend, neutralize, destroy, and utterly obliterate the spirit of the Antichrist.  Finally, only the Spirit of Christ can succeed. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

The constructive use of the Law is affirming our Good, knowing that nothing Good is ever withheld from us; health, happiness, joy, peace, love, power and strength.  Through enlightenment we realize that we are but an expression of God, we are here for God to Use us to express Itself.  We must strive to allow It to express Itself through us as fully as possible by living the Truth, knowing the Truth and seeking the Truth in All Things.  Truth Is what It Is.  Jesus stated, "I Am here to testify to the Truth."  And so are we!

                     The destructive use of the Law is affirming the negative, that which negates our God-Self.  It is affirming sickness, sadness, discord, bitterness, resentfulness, weakness and powerlessness.  Often we find ourselves hearing the words, "I am tired," or "I am sick," and worse yet, "I am afraid."  This is using the Law destructively.  It will give us exactly what we affirm It to Be. 
For many of us, we consistently use words that are destructive to us, that belittle us and take away the spirited energy from within us that Is God.  We allow thoughts of failure and worry to defeat us.  If we want more things to worry about, then worry, and we will get them.  We keep the Devil busy with this kind of talk - because that is exactly what the Devil is, our own destructive words and thoughts.  If we live in fear and hide in our smallness, we will find ourselves trapped in a life devoid of spiritual energy - and wondering "what in the devil happened" to our passion for life!  

                     Spirit is energy, passionate, rhythmic energy, blissful and joyous.  We must quit talking to the Devil [boy, is he busy] and start talking to God. 
We must affirm the Truth of Life, the Goodness of Life and the Joy of Life - God doesn't hear anything else!!
 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
RScP., City of Angels Church