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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, March 4, 2012 

          "The Bible tells us in effect, "In all places where you permit Me to record My Name or Nature, I will come in to Thee and bless Thee."  In other words, if you allow Me to come into your physical body, where there has been a condition, I will come in and heal.  If you allow Me to come into your business, I will come in and prosper it.  If you allow Me to come into your human relations, I will come in and harmonize.' ... Christ is the individualization of His Presence, and It can only function in the soul of the human being.  That brings it down to you and me, and makes us a unique focal point for God.  We must never forget this.  It means that we can focus the divine energies, which are deep within us, upon any side of our life where we need a breakthrough.  Nothing can withstand the pressure of His Holy Spirit operating through us.  Yes, we are the jumping-off place of God in the spot we occupy.  If we have faith enough - and we have the faith if we will only use it - we can prove that God's Three Cornerstones [Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence] can be our cornerstones to work out any problem in our life!"  John Lee Baughman, 14 Keys To Great Truth Puzzles [modified]

            "Fear not ... for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." - from Jesus, Luke 12:22, Holy Bible

No matter how complex or overwhelming our life's conditions may appear to be, it is the most profound wisdom to "simplify" our response or reaction as much as we possibly can.  We all can do this, but we must recognize first, that we can.  Our faith is the first step that we must take and in this we can realize that we always have enough faith for it is inherent within us.  Of all the gifts of the Spirit, belief is the attracting power within each of us that prompts an immediate response from G-d, Infinite Spirit.  If each of us could establish in our mind that G-d responds to us as immediately and precisely as the law of gravity responds to us, then we would become not only more conscious of what we pray for, but also more conscious of the unfolding presence of the results of our prayers.  All too often, our prayers appear unanswered because we failed to keep faith with what we pray for, and with that which we pray to, G-d.

     When Jesus instructed us to "... love the Lord your G-d with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind" He knew that it is our "recognition" of G-d that keeps our faith alive and in having a "living faith" we become more conscious of what we pray for and the results that we expect from our prayers.  We have learned all manner of things from the world in regards to prayer; i.e. don't pray for money, don't pray for unnecessary things, etc.  Yet, we find in the scriptures that we are to pray for everything ... "... it is your Father's good pleasure to give to you" and "... give us this day our daily bread."  As we realize that we are always a part of G-d, then we know that all good things that we desire are G-d's desires for us.  G-d's Love responds to our love for G-d multiplied abundantly ... this is a clear understanding of the teachings throughout the Bible and the Torah.

     All too often people wait until they have an emergency or an urgency before they become "serious" about prayer.  Sometimes these prayers of urgency are responded to and sometimes they are not.  And it is not because G-d doesn't desire to respond to these prayers, but instead, it is because neither faith nor belief have been established in the heart, mind and soul of the person praying.  We, being our consciousness, are as much a part of our prayers as are the words that we use in prayer.  If our faith is strong, our prayers will be filled with powerful words that choose specifically and definitely what it is that we expect to receive as a result our prayer.

     We must align our thoughts, our beliefs and our faith with the nature of G-d in our prayers.  Our words must be in alignment with the Omniscience of G-d ... in other words, they must be in the nature of "intelligence" ... trusting that the Spirit is not only all knowledge, but knowledge and intelligence itself.  In order for our words to be powerful they must be aligned with the Omnipotence of G-d ... that is, they must denote not only power, but that G-d is All-power.  G-d is the only Power there is ... "besides Me there is none other".  As we form the words of our prayer with intelligence and power, then we must realize that our good is available and declare it as so.

     As we fully understand that the word "soul" means "consciousness" we get a better idea of what it is that must be in our heart, our mind, and our soul, as we seek to discover the Power, Presence and Intelligence that is available to us in prayer.  We must know within our self that "belief determines our experience" ... what we believe for ourselves and what we believe for others.  Let these words from Dr. Frank Richelieu [The Art Of Being Yourself] be alive within you.  Say to yourself right now [modified]:  "Today I give no power to the world of appearances.  I center myself in Truth, in G-d, in Intelligence, in Power ... and I see the perfection of life in me and in the perfect working of the law of faith taking place around me.  I align my thought with the living, loving Presence of G-d, right now, right where I am.  I do not indulge in idle, negative thinking.  I know that G-d is always blessing me and that by the right use of prayer, I can accept a greater tomorrow and a better day today. ... I experience life as answered prayer."  And let's say Amen! to that.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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