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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 6, 2011 

              "Build up faith in yourself by believing in your true ability; believing in your capacity to grow; believing that you have a mission.  You have something to do.  You have something worthwhile to accomplish.  You are just as necessary to the Infinite as the Infinite is necessary to you.  But you must know all of this and keep faith with these ideas.  When you know there is purpose in what you do, you can never feel let down.  Don't break faith with yourself.  Believe in your power, and even when you do not consciously see how things are going to work out, keep faith with yourself." - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, Collected Essays

      Faith is the cornerstone of the Master Mind Jesus' philosophy and it permeates the philosophy of the science of mind.  Dr. Bitzer believed that only with faith in ourselves can we learn to depend on Divine Principle, because our lack of faith will cause us to be distracted by those things that are not in Principle.  There are many philosophies in our current culture that "sound like" and "seem like" true metaphysics, but unless the foundation of these philosophies is grounded in faith in our self and faith in G-d, then we will come up short in demonstrating the wonderful life that we desire and hope for.  The radical Jesus declared it so simply, "I can of mine own self do nothing" ... to believe that we can depend on the Law of Attraction without the recognition of this Power Greater than we are, that we call G-d, is foolishness.  We must have faith in our self, but this faith must be found in our identification with the Almighty ... whatever we may call It.

     Everything comes through our consciousness from G-d, Infinite Intelligence.  The Master Mind Jesus referred to this as "the Father" ... that Something Greater than all that is visible.   Our ability to keep faith with our self stems from our faith in the Greater, G-d.  Not only do the contemporary self-help gurus lead us astray from G-d with their focus solely on mind power, but so do the Christians who teach that Jesus is God.  If Jesus were G-d would he have stated,
"I of mine own self can do nothing, it is the Father that doeth the work"?  A reasonable person can figure this out ... a religious fanatic probably can't.  The radical Jesus understood that the Law of Mind, "it is done unto you as you believe" is only effective if our "believe" is in alignment with G-d, Divine Principle.   

     The faith that we must foster and nurture in our consciousness is that G-d desires to
"doeth the work" through us, as us, and for us.  And this is the "cause" of our desires for greater joy, and peace, and happiness, success and prosperity.  These desires are compelling us to recognize G-d, identify with G-d, affirm that which we desire to experience, and accept whatever it is knowing that G-d is working through us ... that is, through our faith, to manifest our desires.  The measure of our faith in G-d, even more so than our faith in our self, will determine the measure of good that we desire to experience.  Without a genuine faith in ourselves and G-d, we will not be "conscious" of our ability to attain much more than we have already.

      Emmet Fox writes in his book, "Diagrams for Living": 
"And so it is with life.  If you want to go higher, you must climb the steps.  If you think, "This step is too high, I can't take it," it is your choice.  If you think, "This trouble is too much.  It is so unfair" - then you stay below until you wake up to the knowledge that you can do it.  However, if you meet each challenge with the realization, "God in me is stronger than anything I have to meet.  God has given me dominion over my circumstances.  I let nothing in this situation frighten me for I know God is with me," and continue in that vein, you will get your miracle.  It may take time and prayerful effort, but you will get it ..."

     Let us think and believe that G-d is for us, for this is the truth.  How could it be otherwise?  On March 4th, only a couple of days ago, the New York Times published an article titled:  "Pastor Stirs Wrath With His Views on Old Questions" ... the article referred to a book written by Pastor Rob Bell where he writes that "heaven is not exclusive to Christians" ... and the "wrath" he received from Evangelical and Baptist Christians who believe that "heaven is for a select few Christians only, while the rest of humanity spends forever in torment and punishment in hell with no chance of anything better."  I believe that Pastor Bell is on the right track ... he just doesn't understand yet that heaven does not have a zip code.  Obviously, he and other Christian ministers still have not fully realized the impact of the words of the radical Jesus which can be found in Luke 17:21
"Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." When he stated this, the radical Jesus was talking to Jewish people ... not Christians, Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus ... but he knew that this was the truth for everyone because he realized and knew that we are all a part of G-d; Infinite Spirit, Intelligence and Life.  Can any of us imagine that Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Isaiah and Gandhi will go to a hell somewhere because they were not Christians?  This would be religious ridiculousness at its worst.  How long does it take for these Christian leaders to understand the Master Mind Jesus?  He taught in parables so all could understand and his statements were simple and clearly understood; i.e. "it rains on the good and the bad alike" ... and in this he meant G-d's Good is for everyone, no exceptions.

We don't have to subscribe to, or believe in a man-made religion in order to know and accept  and be grateful for the truth that we are all in G-d's Good Hands.  We are precious to G-d just as our hands and feet are precious to us ... we cannot be separated from G-d, not here or in the hereafter.  We are part of the Life of G-d, no different than the wave is part of the ocean, or the sun ray a part of the sun.  Nature reveals to us the Laws of G-d and the Love of G-d.  The Master Mind Jesus looked to Nature to understand G-d ... and so can we.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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