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Weekly Message To The Masses (March 7, 2004)         

       So many people look for distractions whenever they are confronted with problems that overwhelm them.  I believe that this is almost universal.  It is the nature of EGO to shift the blame when mistakes are made or when things aren't working out as well as we had hoped.  And when we make major mistakes or blunders ... the EGO will look for an outlet to vent Its internalized feelings of inferiority ... and when It is threatened ... It will threaten others ... and most often than not, those who are the least capable of retaliation.

       This is the what we are seeing on the news and across the headlines here in the United States and abroad.  We are seeing a perfect example of the "Law of Mind" in action ... as it denies First Cause, God.  We are witnessing the greatest teachings of the Master Mind Jesus and the Science of Mind daily, if we are watching, reading or listening to the news.  "Thou will keep them in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee," we can read in scripture.  But the EGO does not want our mind to be stayed on God for long ... otherwise It doesn't feel powerful and in control.  As any student of spirituality knows ... when the EGO is in control ... It is "Edging God Out" ... and Its seeming power and control are in Truth, CONFUSION.

       Most of the CONFUSION is being created by our POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS ... and it will continue as long as the EGO is in control.  None of us can become spiritually enlightened as long as the EGO is in control.  The EGO will take even the Bible and distort it to justify their CONFUSION.  Last evening I was watching a television talk show and the subject was "Gay and Lesbian Marriage," and a spokeswoman for "Concerned Women of America" ... I think that was the name of the organization ... stated that the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination.  The talk show host asked her how she could say that when Jesus never made even one statement regarding homosexuality ... and she stated that Jesus came to fulfill the Law.  She was in fact referring to the "law" ... not the Universal Law ... but the law of the ancients.  This same "law of the ancients" stated that men could have multiple wives ... why? ... because the law was created to increase the population of the tribe so that the tribe could outnumber and overpower their enemies.  This was not the Law that Jesus stated He came to fulfill ... He came to fulfill the Law of God ... which is a Law of Love ... He stated that we did not need to concern ourselves with the Ten Commandments because He summed up the Law in two statements:  1) Love God and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.  If we do these things, He stated, we will have fulfilled the Law.  The ancients had many "laws" that have nothing to do with the Law of God ... they are laws made by people whose only desire was to survive a harsh and often violent world.  Now, I think that if this spokeswoman for "Concerned Women of America" sat down and wrote out the laws of the ancients ... and contemplated that these laws were applicable today ... she would definitely have something to be concerned about!

      Many Gay and Lesbian people have received their marriage licenses in San Francisco and other parts of the country ... as of yet, I don't know of any happy, heterosexual couple whose marriage has been adversely affected by this. (If you are a happy heterosexual couple and these marriages have destroyed your lives, please write to me.) Why?  Because the Law of God is a Law of Love ... and anyone not ruled by their EGO does not have to make someone else inferior in order to feel powerful and in control ... that is the work of the EGO.  WE DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ANYONE TO HAVE WHAT WE WANT.  IF WE DIMINISH ANOTHER ... WE CANNOT REALIZE THE LOVE THAT GOD IS WITHIN OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS.  Only the most arrogant would believe that they have a right to vote on whether someone can marry the person they love ... to even consider this is evidence that the EGO is in control.  Marriage is Of God ... not of politics or religion!

       MARS ... WHAT DOES MARS HAVE TO DO WITH MARRIAGE?  Well, all the people who fear that Gay and Lesbian marriages will destroy the sacred-ness of their own marriage ... can escape to Mars ... where there are no people at all ... to be afraid of! 

 And So It Is! 

Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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