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Weekly Message for Sunday, March 9, 2003

                     These things I have spoken to you, while I am still with you. But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. John 14:25-26.

              The instruction from the Master Mind Jesus above, contains many statements that we must understand in order to move closer in consciousness to a realization of the Omnipresence of God, or Good ... a knowing that we are always more powerful than we can imagine.

              This realization begins with understanding that Jesus was speaking from the Universal "I" ... the "I" that Is Infinite ... the "I Am" that Is God.  This is the "Christ" within each of us .. the Spirit of God or as Jesus stated, "The Father Within."  This Spirit within each of us can declare at any time, "I am happy" or "I am sad," and the Infinite "I" will respond to us according to our statement of belief.  After all, I would not state "I am happy," unless I believed I am happy.  Nor would I state, "I am sad," unless I believed I am sad.  And according to my beliefs it is done unto me.  If, indeed, I am feeling sad ... I can move through the sadness by declaring, "I am happy," until I have convinced myself.  I don't have to convince anyone else, least of all God ... only myself.  The Infinite sits in smiling repose awaiting my recognition of Its Infinite Good-ness, Love and Abundant Supply of All Good Things.

             When the Master Teacher declared,
"the kingdom of heaven is within you," this is what He was talking about.  Now, Great and Mystical as He was, this Truth did not originate with Jesus.  He was only re-stating an eternal and immutable Truth.  Always remember that Truth Is God and God Is Truth ... eternally and inseparable.

            Our experiences are therefore determined by our "state of mind" or our "tendency of thought."  If my state of mind is negative ... then I will experience the "kingdom of negativity within me."  If my state of mind is positive and enthusiastic, then I will experience the "kingdom of positive enthusiasm within me."

We don't have to be rocket scientists to figure this out or have a PhD ... all we have to do is "remember" where our "kingdom of heaven" is being manifest from .... "within our consciousness" .. which is the tendency of our thoughts and beliefs ... that's it ... that's our "ticket to heaven!"  


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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