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Sunday, March 11, 2001
          However many holy words you read, however many you speak, 
      what good will they do you if you do not act upon them? - Buddha

         The question asked above by the Buddha was also asked by Jesus and every great mystical teacher we know.  Many of us read book after book, go to lecture after lecture, still looking for the "thing" or the "speaker" that will create change in our lives.  But this is just the ego mind's method of delay and defeat.  If the ego can convince us that we are "lacking" in knowledge and awareness than we will continue to search for the next "new" book and the next "new" spiritual speaker and all the time we already have all that we need to grow forward and be the change that we are seeking.  We must put into practice that which we learn before we move on to the next thing, otherwise we have learned nothing but pretty words that do nothing more than make us feel more "comfortable" in our misery.  The "proof of this truth" is easily ascertained.  Don't we put into application the addition and multiplication of  numbers before we study algebra?  Of course, we do.

                  The only way we can fully realize the significance of our spiritual growth and what we have gained an awareness of, is to meditate and to pray for clarity and divine guidance.  So many of us have been so greatly blessed but our minds are so set on what worries us and what our past experiences have been and on the troubles of our friends and neighbors, that we cannot accept the blessings that God is giving us so freely and lovingly.  We must shut-out the world - the soap operas - the dramas of those around us, and let God into our consciousness.  We must contemplate our Oneness with God.  We must contemplate our level of Trust with that which created us in Peace, Love, Harmony and Joy.  Are we loving this life everyday?  If not we must allow God to think a "new way" through our heart and minds.  Love is always creating around us -  are we taking that which is ours to take?

                  William Shakespeare stated, "To one who thinks, life is comedy.  To one who feels, life is tragedy.   To one who believes, Life Is Victory."  We must "think" about what we have read and studied.  Dr. O. C. Smith, emphasized in his powerful message last Sunday, "I Am the Thinker, that thinks the thoughts that create my Life."  This is the Truth.  If we "think" we don't know, we don't know.  If we "think" we can't, we can't, and reading volumes of books and listening to more and more speakers will not change this.  Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone stated to his audience at the Hollywood Church for Today, "The Truth will demonstrate Itself."  In other words, unless we are making application of  the Truth and aligning our words and thoughts with It, we are acting against [guess who?] ourselves!  There is no higher Truth than this that has ever been revealed!  

                  We must put our consciousness under surveillance.  We must consistently and persistently watch what we are allowing to be created as  "habitual belief" in our consciousness because it will demonstrate this  "belief" in our affairs.  Jesus stated, "It is done unto you, as you believe."   As "you" believe - not anybody else.  We must "protect" the Truth in our consciousness.  We must create a belief with such firm conviction that "I and God are One," that absolutely no thing and absolutely nobody can "move" us from this Truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may become or how difficult it is to let this Truth demonstrate in our lives!              
 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates
cP., City of Angels Church