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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 11, 2007 

           About three-fourths of Americans believe in heaven and hell, but almost one-fourth say they have "no idea" what will happen after they die, a study by the Barna Research Group shows.
           Researchers found 76 percent of respondents believe heaven exists and 71 percent believe there is a hell.  Just half of 1 percent of adults said they expect to go to hell when they die, while 64 percent predicted they will end up in heaven. But researchers found many were not so sure of their post-death destination. Twenty-four percent said they have "no idea" what will happen after they die. - Texas Baptist News-journal, 10/31/03

         One of the misconceptions of the Law of Attraction, is that everything that happens to us, we have attracted to ourselves.  Those who teach this have not fully realized that there is only One Mind ... and that Mind Is God.  There is no separation from our individual mind and the minds of everyone ... we are all using the One Mind.  Does this mean that others choose for us? ... no, not at a "conscious" level ... but our individual awareness is influenced by the thoughts and ideas of others ... on a subjective level.   This is evidenced by the "moods" that we sometimes experience when we wake up in the morning and we can't figure out why we feel the way we do.  And, I believe this has much to do with the level of depression that some people experience.  The "collective belief" of the masses, is the "cause" behind many of the illnesses and other discord that many people experience.  Attributing the Law of Attraction as the sole cause of why someone has a certain experience ... is a false idea ... and it is mal-practice of a spiritual Truth.

Since we are all influenced to some degree by this "collective belief" of the masses, it is important to be aware in "shifts" in this collective belief.  The study from the Barna Research Group from 2003, is evidence of the negativity of this collective belief.  A belief in heaven and hell, out there ... somewhere ... are both negative in nature.  For no matter how pious someone may be ... there is still uncertainty as to their final destination after they exit this life experience.  And this uncertainty affects the collective belief.  How do we counter this collective belief? ... in the Bible we can read, "pray without ceasing" ... and as we know prayer is thinking towards the Good, or God ... it is still the most successful way in which to defy the collective belief in negativity ... that and to become more aware of the evolution of thought about heaven and hell that is being evidenced in the world.

A few months ago I wrote a piece on Rev. Carlton Pearson and his "Gospel of Inclusion" ... in which he states that everyone will be "redeemed by God" ... no matter what they have done on this plane of Life.  He lost his church, his money and his prestige ... especially among conservative Christian leaders ... including Pastor Ted Haggard.  Unbowed by such rejection, Mr. Pearson maintains that he’s on the leading edge of what will eventually become mainstream theology.  “Within the next five years, everyone will be preaching inclusion,” he says.  Rev. Pearson's teaching is influencing the collective beliefs.

     Just recently ABC Television's, "Outsiders" program focused on another minister ... Jose de Jesus.  Jose de Jesus has reached over 30 countries, has more than 350 educational centers, his own TV and radio satellite channels, 300+ TV and radio programs ... and a ministry of millions of followers growing in numbers everyday.  He says that he is the new Jesus Christ and his followers believe him.  For many people, Jose de Jesus, appears to be crass or too bazaar to pay any attention to him.  But, if we look past the "appearance" ... and look at what he is teaching, Jose de Jesus is teaching the Law of Attraction, the Law of Right Action, Cause and Effect, God as Mind ... and that we connect with God in our Mind ... he teaches that there is no hell, no sin, and no devil.  His teaching is changing the beliefs of millions of people ... and this change in beliefs affects the collective beliefs that we all are influenced by.

Do I ascribe to the teachings of Rev. Carlton Pearson or Jose de Jesus ... no .. and yes.  I don't believe in throwing out the baby with the bathwater, so I am willing to look beyond the "surface" stuff ... and accept from them what I believe is true and real ... and leave the rest.  But most of all, I applaud them for standing for something ... and for being willing to be criticized and even ostracized for what they believe.  Both have said they received a "revelation from God" ... and who can say they have not?

     "The Secret" which is getting lots of attention, especially in New Thought and New Age circles, also creates a shift in the collective consciousness.  It is exposing the masses to a new idea, The Law of Attraction, and about their relationship with the things they desire and the Universe in which they live.  "The Secret" is not religion, but it does make a demand upon those who choose to use it successfully to follow a certain pattern of thinking ... and the good news is, this pattern of thinking is towards the Good. 

     We are all accepting a greater and greater Truth of our relationship with God and God's relationship with the Universe in which we live.  Rev. Carlton Pearson, Jose de Jesus, and "The Secret" are shifting the collective consciousness.  And if we think them bizarre and totally discount all that they teach ... what do we think people of ancient times thought when they saw Isaiah preaching naked for three years ... or Jesus from Nazareth proclaiming, "I and the Father are One"?  ... God works through all things and all people in Its own mysterious ways.  Personally, I am grateful to almost any teacher that points us to the Good and away from sin and Satan ... or a heaven and hell out there somewhere ... and I know that each of you has the wisdom to discern what is Truth and what is not.  This experience on Earth is a great gift ... and we own it to ourselves to accept a Life worth living!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Hank Bates

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