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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for March 12, 2017
           As we move in our mind from a god of religion to the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Spirit of G-d, many of us will find ourselves ignoring much of what is written from a religious viewpoint.  But this isn't always beneficial for us.  There is great wisdom to be found in many of the writings of religion; the New Testament of the Holy Bible being but one example.  When we read the Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we realize the New Testament becomes primarily a religious document starting with the Gospel of John as this is the first book to claim Jesus as a "deity" rather than a man with a message for humanity.  But, in the following books of the New Testament we also find the science of the Spirit in statements of truth like "in Him we live and move and have our being" ... this Him, being the Spirit.  This statement taken from the Book of Acts, didn't originate with the Apostle Paul at all, but was originated from a Greek poet.  Yet, it is a foundation statement of the Christian faith and some will go even further in the error of believing that it is referring to Jesus Christ.  In fact, it is a statement of Christ Spirit devoid of the man Jesus. Most importantly, it is a statement of truth and if we condition our mind to accept it, we shall experience greater peace of mind and then realize as the poet did "that He is closer to us than breathing, nearer than hands and feet."  No more looking to a god outside of us or faraway in the heavens, but the true Spirit of G-d that is Intelligence, Power and Life Itself.  By using this quote from the Greek poet, the Apostle Paul contradicted much of what he was teaching, but the power of truth was revealed through him nonetheless for the masses of religious folks.

            Discern the good and take it and dismiss the rest is true for me about the "Love Like Jesus" blog and twitter messages, but I do find this one very encouraging:  Stay strong!  Your test will become your test-imony, your mess will become your mess-age.”  Now, we all know that "life is not a test, it is a gift" but few of us have lived our lives without feeling tested or finding ourselves in a mess at some temporary point in time.  This may have resulted from a physical illness, a troubled relationship, a financial issue or whatever.  It is our realization that there is Something within us that has access to the strength and intelligence of the Spirit of G-d that will provide for us the idea or the opportunity to move through whatever it is that we must move through.  It is our knowing that "I, of mine own self can do nothing" but it is the Spirit of Life Itself that heals us, prospers us, strengthens us, as we let our mind be open to the spirit of health and abundance and life more fully.  We do this through "concentration" ... that is focusing our mind on the Source of Life and Creation; G-d.  All things can be accomplished in consciousness; that is, the knowing that as we turn to the Spirit of G-d in mind, our consciousness draws from this Supreme consciousness.  We do this through thinking; concentrated thinking as the silent thoughts that discern the good and dismiss the rest from our mind.  To gain a greater health, we think concentrated health thoughts and know that there is a corresponding action in the Law of the Spirit.  This may lead us to things that our ego had dismissed based on prejudiced beliefs; i.e. healing without medicine or medical consultation.  The Spirit of G-d Intelligence works through all things, always.

            Let's consider these words from the great American healer W. Frederic Keeler:  "There is nothing complex about this.  You are certainly able to see two things at once.  The fact is that the mind entertains a great many thoughts in a minute even when concentrated in any usual degree (about two hundred).  Also as a rule we see many things at once.  And thinking so much, seeing so much, is the only reason why we do not really think at all and why we actually mentally see very little.  Distraction is not Understanding.
         We are, then, to reduce the number of our thoughts to the lowest, and the kinds of our thoughts to the fewest possible.
           Since you are a human being you will think about human life.  Have no delusions about that.  Dare to think of this life, of whatever is important to you in it, or even of whatever may seem to intrude upon you.  You are not going to avoid this life.  With the help of God you are going to master it and enjoy it.  Stop running away from it in thought.  God is with you.  Face life.  Do not criticize it, or fear it, or fight it.  Face it.  Nothing else is necessary provided you also retain  your consciousness of the Presence, or provided you can often think of, and consciously call upon the Presence while facing either your problem or your joy.
        You are to remove all complexity.  You are to reduce all differences to oneness.  To do this is to exercise the complete science of life and to exercise Real Intelligence.
          You consciously and deliberately look upon the Presence.  You say, "God is here."  You keep this fundamental Truth in mind.
           You look upon your problem.  It is simply present in your thoughts, in your mind.
            Now be still.  Doing these two things, find your Peace.  Having found your Peace, your problem is solved.  The healing will occur."

            It may take a few readings to fully understand what Mr. Keeler has gifted us with in these few short paragraphs.  His method is not complex, but it does require practice and persistence for most of us.  But, as we discern the good thoughts and dismiss the rest in our mind we shall realize that Peace that heals within us.

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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