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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (March 13, 2005)         

        First of all, I want to make it clear I have never watched the television hit show, "Desperate Housewives."  But, I find it extremely fascinating that in a time when fundamentalists religions have began to grow in numbers that a show of this type is a huge ratings success.
         Not long ago someone forwarded me an email message from ONEMILLIONMOMS.COM instructing their "adherents" to contact the sponsors of this show and tell them they are boycotting their products unless they withdraw their sponsorship.  ONE MILLION MOMS.com is a "Project of the American Family Association" whose chairman is Donald Wildmon.  AFA is "2,445,654 Members Strong and Growing" according to their website.  American Family Association is supporting boycotts against:  KMart, Amazon.com, Harry Potter Books, H & R Block, Pokemon, Johnson and Johnson ... and Disney.  Even though I am amazed at their boycott of Disney, let's stick to "Desperate Housewives" ... the following is from the MOMS website:

Current Issue
H&R Block hard-core sponsor of Desperate Housewives 
H&R Block is a hard-line sponsor of ABC's Desperate Housewives. Please ask this company to stop its financial support of smut TV.
Synopsis of Desperate Housewives -- February 20, 2005 (Thanks to Bill Johnson at American Decency for this review)
The debauched story lines continue on ABC’s "Desperate Housewives" with its weekly attack on morality and marriage. 
The episode begins with the narrator describing one of the "Desperate Housewives" – Bree – stating: "Bree VandeKamp believed in old-fashioned values. Things like respect for God, the importance of family …" (Stated while the camera pans to a wall-hanging of Christ in her home.) 
I believe ABC and the producers relish the opportunity to portray this woman as a Christian who compromises her values – mocking morality 
This woman who 'believes in old-fashioned values', in last week's episode went along with her husband’s desire for 'bondage sex'. In this most recent episode Bree finds a condom in the laundry, thinking it's her 16 year-old son's, she becomes outraged. She wants to search his room and take away his condoms. She doesn't want to condone pre-marital sex. But when her husband states: "He's a teenage boy. We could take away his penis, he'd still try to have sex." 'Old-fashioned' Bree doesn't confront her son, instead decides she would rather leave the condom in his room than risk 'becoming a grandma'. Later we find out the condom actually belongs to their teenage daughter, the president of the abstinence club.
We are also shown Gabrielle, the "desperate housewife" who had an on-going affair with John, her teenage gardener. Now his friend is doing lawn work and wants to take up where John left off. Using very vulgar euphemisms for sex, he propositions Gabrielle. It turns out he thinks he’s gay and wants to find out by having sex with a woman. Married Gabrielle 'takes pity' on him, kissing him passionately to see how he reacts. Later this boy and another boy are shown cavorting naked in a swimming pool.
The above are just a few of ABC-Disney’s weekly attacks on time-honored biblical values that are anything but "old-fashioned." Please help us hold the sponsors of such trash accountable.

............ in other words, this show appears to be depicting "real life" people ... some Christian, some probably not, who happen to have a differing opinion about morality than do the good folks at American Family Association and MOMS ... but isn't that what Life is truly about ... learning to respect other people's choices, without judgment.  The Master Mind Jesus called on us to "love one another" ... He didn't say "do as they do" or "join them in whatever they are doing" ... "love one another" ... means to allow them to choose their own experiences through this thing called Life. 

          "Desperate Housewives" is watched by over 21.3 million viewers according to an article in USA Today.  Now let's do the math ... if AFA has 2,445,654 members and ONE MILLION MOMS.com has a millon (I doubt it) ... why has 3,445,654 people decided they can "censor" 21.3 million other people???

           I know some wonderful Christian people who live wonderful, successful lives but they would never think that it was there duty as Christians to tell other people what to do with their lives.  Now ... like me, if someone comes to them and says "help me" or "what do you think" ... then of course, I could "share" with them my beliefs and faith ... but until then, what they do is none of my business.

Most Christians know the statement from the Bible made by the Radical Rabbi Jesus, "let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone" ... but few have truly studied the background of this great Principle that Jesus taught.  He first wrote in the sand ... and it has been said that He wrote "what is it to you?" ... then comes the famous line about the stone.  The diatribe above regarding "Desperate Housewives" is filled with assumptions, judgments and self-righteousness ... so unlike Jesus.  Our negative judgments come from our very own consciousness ... and stay in our very own consciousness.  As we move forward into this month of Holy Days and Sacred events, let us remember to "love one another" ... and study the Principles taught by the Master Mind Jesus and the Science of Mind ... and if we decide to watch "Desperate Housewives" ... that's okay too ... just remember that you are never "desperate."

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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