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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 14, 2010 

                   "In our own souls, in the silent processes of thought and understanding, do we not sense another Presence?  There is something Divine about us which we have overlooked. There is more to us than we realize. Man is an eternal destiny, a forever-expanding principle of conscious intelligence ... the ocean in the drop of water, the sun in its rays. Man, the real man, birth-less, deathless, changeless; and God, as man, in man, IS man! The highest God and the innermost God is One and the same God. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind (pg. 388)

     Whether we see Jesus as the "only son of God" or not determines whether we are Christian or not to most of the world.  But, just believing that Jesus is the only son of God has not made all Christians more like Jesus than those who don't believe it.  The mystics have all agreed that Jesus was divine, but they also agree that each of us are divine as well.  We are Spirit having a human experience and because Spirit is infinite, we are infinitely individualized as images and likenesses of G-d.  In metaphysics we understand that "Son of God" means that we are "a part of G-d" ... since G-d is Life and we are part of Life how could we be anything else?  The term "son" was used in the ancient scripture because it was written in a misogynistic culture.  It was written by men for men.  And so we know that this culture may not have understood that women too, are a part of G-d, it is true nonetheless. 
All women are as much "daughters of G-d" as men are "sons of G-d."

It does not take much understanding to realize why the authors of the Gospels and New Testament would see Jesus as a "deity" rather than a man fully enlightened and aware of the Presence of G-d within him.  Jesus was a spiritual genius and highly intuitive ... a healer, a teacher, and a lover of both G-d and the people that he believed were a part of G-d.  There was no one else like him previous to him and no one like him since.  He taught that we are to "love our enemies and do good to those who hate and despise us" and saw no reason why this should be difficult for us.  No one has ever depended on the Power of Love in the same measure as the Radical Jesus.  We will never fully understand him, until we understand what he was teaching.  And what he was teaching is that we are divine, a part of G-d.

     "God is always God.  No matter what our emotional storm, or what our objective situation may be, there is always something hidden in the inner being that has never been violated,"
we can read in The Science of Mind, page 33.    And so we understand that since G-d is always G-d, then we are always a part of G-d ... a divine part of Spirit is always within us waiting for us to "stir up the spirit within us."  Or, as the radical Jesus would say, "come on people, don't you know that you are gods?"   In other words, we are not just having a human experience, but a divine spiritual experience as well.

The important question for all of us, will always be, are we identifying with our divine nature or just simply being human?  The answer will determine the quality of our life and the measure of good in all things that concern us.  To say that Jesus identified only with his divine nature would be untrue since there are several examples in the scripture that illustrate his human nature as well.  But, unlike most of us, he was aware of when he was identifying with the human part of his nature rather than the divine.  For he understood that when our mind is stayed on G-d, we can access a Power Greater than our human capacity for power and solutions.  "I can do all things through "Christ" which strengthens me," we can read in scripture and we can believe this for this "Christ" that was within Jesus, is within each of us.  It is the Power, the Presence and the Intelligence of G-d that will not only strengthen our resolve, but provide us with solutions and bring within us a greater sense of peace and joy as our solutions unfold in Divine Law and Order.  As we turn to It, we will "know and know that we know" ... that all is well, that whatever it is that may be disturbing us will pass, that we will move through it, transcend it, or eliminate it from our consciousness  and in due time from our experience.

To see a greater Good in our lives, whatever that may be for us, without identifying with the Giver of All-Good, is foolishness.  Can anyone of us bring forth the desires of our hearts without G-d?  We know we cannot.  It is this Great Invisible Power and Intelligence that brings all things together for our Good.  By looking to G-d and G-d alone we can increase our wealth, our health, our success ... whatever we desire to experience.  There is a great joy in knowing that we are not alone in our desire for a fuller, more abundantly good life experience.  The Intelligence that brought the desire to our awareness, wants to share in the experience of having it with us ... It will be present every step of the way ... for It is always present; Omnipresent.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus could say, without doubting, "the Father and I are One."  He showed us what is possible.

     To be "One with G-d" we must be as much like G-d as we can possibly be ... that is, we must observe all things in the world, with love and without judgment.  And not let the world distract us from the Truth that we are here to let G-d use us to express the desires of our heart.  Today and every day forward.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi