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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for March 15, 2009 

                     "You have made your body comfortable and have turned your attention inward; you have called to the Spirit within to quicken you with that tide of spiritual energy which you need.  Now, you must remain silent and passive, and you must neither suggest nor affirm to the energy which fills you, nor must you let your attention wander outward to the things of the material world.  You are just to rest, to be conscious and awake, but passive and receptive.  Don't even "try to feel" the energy which is working within you, for your imagination has nothing to do with the process; this is not auto-suggestion, nor is it always a process which makes an impression upon your feelings.  You may feel nothing, or you may be so shaken that you will be terrified.  You are in the hands of the Great One who formed you out of Its own spiritual substance, and who best knows how to perfect you in body, consciousness, and estate.
There is no certain time which you must remain in the silence.  At first, it will perhaps be an unsatisfactory experience; but if you are faithful, you will come to recognize these periods when you are conscious but without formulated thought, and when every cell and fiber of your physical body is being cleansed and re-created, as times of wonderful blessing.  At the right time each withdrawal into the silence will terminate itself.
                                   ... Do not hurry away to your regular employment, but pause a few minutes and silently examine the thoughts that come to you.  Perhaps the wisdom which you particularly need will be revealed to you at this time.  If not, you may pass on, knowing that you are going forth regenerated." 
- Paul Ellsworth, Direct Healing, 1914(modified)

       I cannot emphasize enough that "all healing is done in the silence" ... whether we desire to heal our physical body, our relationships, our finances, or whatever it is that we want to experience more of the Good in, ultimately, this healing will take place within us, in the silence.  In a culture where we are addicted to television, video games, radio, iPods, cell phones, etc. ... a few minutes in the stillness of the silence may seem like an eternity.  But, no matter how difficult it may, at first, seem to be, with consistent practice we shall find our way into the stillness of the silence.  The benefits of the silence are so vast and so personal to each person who practices it, that it is impossible for any one person to define them.

     Louise Hay wrote in "You Can Heal Your Life":  "There was one client who seemed to me to be so bright and intelligent.  Her mind was unusually clever and quick, and she had a great sense of humor.  Yet she could not get her act together.  She was overweight, broke, frustrated in her career, and without a romance for many years.  She could accept all the metaphysical concepts quickly; they made a lot of sense to her.  Yet she was too clever, too quick.  She found it difficult to slow herself down enough to practice over a meaningful period of time the ideas she could grasp so quickly on a moment-by-moment basis. ... Daily meditation helped her enormously.  We began with only 5 minutes a day and very gradually worked up to 15 or 20 minutes."

     Dr. Holmes writes that the whole process of giving a spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) is a relaxed, effortless endeavor.  Our work in silent meditation will give us the level of relaxation necessary to free us from distractions as we formulate our affirmative prayers.  In this more relaxed state of mind, our mind is free to think and contemplate what it is that we want to include in our affirmation.  Too often our focus in prayer is an attempt to change something in our outer world of experience, but this cannot be done unless we first unify and identify with Spirit and change something within us ... and we will accomplish this to a greater degree as we are able to get still and relaxed.

     As we identify with Spirit, we must know that the same joy, happiness and harmony that is part of Spirit, is also part of us ... as we share in this Life that is G-d.  As our mind is conscious of these things, we can begin to affirm what it is that we desire to experience.  We are not asking, nor are we begging ... we are only convincing our selves that we can accept, with joy, the Good that G-d
desires for us.  Often when we finish our prayer, we will feel the urge to remain still and quiet for awhile, and in this stillness of our mind we may sense an inner joy and gratitude.  This inner joy and gratitude is an effect of the time we have sat in the silence and stilled our mind.  For most of us, this becomes and inner knowing and our treatment or prayer is complete and has accomplished the thing we have directed it to accomplish.

     Let us say with Dr. Holmes: 
"Today I accept my own affirmations.  There is nothing in me that can contradict them.  I have a deep inward sense, a feeling and conviction and complete faith that there is a Law of Good governing everything, and that It is governing completely, with absolute certainty, without deviation, with no exception; that there is nothing to oppose It, nothing to change It, nothing to limit or circumscribe Its action.  I abandon myself to this faith.  I live in its atmosphere and accept its conclusion.  I know that I am a Divine being on the pathway of an endless self-expression and that the Eternal G-d is my host, now and forevermore."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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