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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, March 17, 2013 

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           "YOUR LIFE is a quest for Power - the power to get what you go after - the power that will heal and keep you well - the power to make money, the power to love and be loved - the power to make yourself and those you love happy.  ALL YOUR LIFE you have been seeking power.
               YOU are the central dynamo which can release this power you have longed for.  You are surrounde
d by limitless power.  Yet this Power can do nothing until it is directed.  This is just as true of Spiritual Power as of electrical or steam power.  Your thought must give Spiritual power its direction.
               YOU must decide what you want to express.  Your choice of ideas determines everything that comes into your life.  Choose those Words which mean something to you.  They will give your desire form.  You must do your own thinking."
- Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, All Power To You 

          It has been so long since I have read these words from Dr. Bitzer that they almost seemed "new" to me.  Not new in the sense of the spiritual principle that he is referring to, but more like a renewing of my mind to believe ... "Renew a right spirit within me," as we read in Psalm 51:10 ... and it did.  It is those times when we immediately identify with the truth that we know we are enriching our consciousness with a greater awareness of our power, spirit and intelligence ... all of which are expressing as the Spirit through us, as us, and for us ... based on our decisions.  Our decisions must be absolute ... no wavering, not sense of being undecided ... we must know with absolute certainty what it is that we want to be, what we want to do, or what we want to have, in order to gain access to expressing it.  We must go from wanting it to directing our power to give it form.  And this is where we must add in the full force of our faith.

"The moment you believe that there is some other power - some power outside of yourself, separate from yourself - that can act upon you, even if you believe it is a good power, you are exposing yourself to the possibility of its opposite, an evil power.  There is no power acting upon you.  Life, God, or Soul is the only power; God, Soul, Spirit, and Truth are the reality of your being.  If there is only one Life, and that Life is your life, then God is your life.  If there is only one Mind, then God is your mind.  God is your Soul.  God is your Spirit.  We are told that even "your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost."  What else is there to you but life, mind, Soul, Spirit, and body?  And all this is God - God infinitely manifested in all Its glory as you and as me." - Joel Goldsmith, The Master Speaks 

          Joel Goldsmith's words take us into a realm of consciousness that Jesus understood and realized.  When we were birthed into this world we would have believed this if we had been told that it was true.  But, instead we have been told so many other things that have separated us from the truth of our being.  We have been taught that a few enlightened souls have realized this truth about themselves but that we are not like them ... they are different in some way, and more powerful, more spiritual, more enlightened, more?????  And so we fail to even grasp a glimpse into the reality of who we really are, and therefore we have learned to doubt our ability and capability to form the conditions and circumstances in our lives as we desire them to be.  This living in the "fragments" of our power and our intelligence has caused us to experience so much pain and disappointment and caused us to look to people and things outside of us for power and solutions to those things that overwhelm us.  Yet, as we gain a greater realization and awareness of the power that dwells within us, that is the Life that dwells within us, we shall find our way to enlarge our capacities for living.

         As Dr. Bitzer tells us a truth that we all know is true:  "Your life is a quest for Power - the power to get what you go after - the power that will heal and keep you well - the power to make money, the power to love and be loved - the power to make yourself and those you love happy.  All your life you have been seeking power." ... no matter what we may have experienced or are experiencing now, at some level of our mind we know that these words are the truth about us.  But, our seeking as been hindered by our seeing others as more wise and more capable, of having the answers, as having the ability to achieve and accomplish ... we have learned to believe that the one with the money has power, the minister/priest/pastor/guru has power, the doctor has power, the casting agent has power, the boss has power ... but not ourselves ... not yet.  It is up to us to release this belief in the "not yet" .... that we are still not good enough, powerful enough, intelligent enough, enlightened enough, and realize that we already have all that is necessary ... mind, Spirit and Soul .... to have that which we want to have, that which we want to do, and that which we want to be.  But, what is it?  This we must know, for no one else can truly know it for us.

     What do YOU want right now?  What do you want A$AP?  Is it money?  Is it love?  Is it health?  Is it a car, a home, a boyfriend, girl friend, wife or husband, a new iPad?  There is no big or small in the enlightened consciousness.  We "must" make up our mind what it is that we want, first.  And as we make it up in our mind, we must know that we can have it.  We must pray that we do have it.  And as we do these things, we shall have it.  For our consciousness shall emancipate the power, the Spirit and the Soul within us ... the G-d within us, and we shall receive that which we believe to be true for us.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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